Roush Stage 3 Suspension for all S197 Ford Mustangs

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    Up until now, the only way to equip the S197 Ford Mustang with a full Roush Stage 3suspension was to write a chunky check and get the whole package straight from RoushPerformance. This isn't the case now. The Roush Stage 3 suspension package is nowavailable in the aftermarket for the 2005 through 2009 Ford Mustang. It's sure to bringabout a grin for every Mustang road racer, as the package allows for a sweet 1G lateral skidpad rating that can be enjoyed every day; not just at the track. Keep reading for moredetails from Roush in the Press Release.
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  2. Cool I wonder if:

    A: The springs are the same as the other package they have been selling so far.

    B: Will sell the red shocks and other pieces individually.
  3. I'm a little confused, what's the difference between this (stage 3) kit and the one they've been selling for a while now, other than the color of course. I thought that the one they've been selling already would do 1.0G on the skid pad as well (I actually thought it was the same suspension that was in the Stage 3, I guess I was wrong).

    Here's the link to the old one (seems very similar to me, but what do I know):
    ROUSH Performance: Complete Suspension Kit Detail