Roush Supercharger Onto A 2000 Mustang Gt?

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  1. Hi I am new to forum and I am posting this because a guy is parting out his wrecked roush mustang. I am looking at buying the supercharger, intake manifold w/ intercooler, and pullies. Can I put them on my 2000 gt. I was under the assumption that only the 2001-04 mustangs could do this swap. If I cant why not?
  2. The manifold on the roush might be made for Romeo heads. Since your car is a 2000, it is most likely Windsor heads. I think some 2000s might be romeo heads though, but im pretty sure that would be rare. Count the bolts on your valve covers, if you have 11 bolts, you have romeo heads!
  3. Wow that's pretty lame iv got 13 bolts. Really trying to find a twin screw supercharger but kits are really too much money lol. Iv looked at tork tech but it would cost around 4k to finish. I guess I have to find a deal on a pro charger. Thanks man
  4. Why does that make a difference beyond cam covers? When I ordered my KB, what heads I had made no difference.
  5. Superstang01 is WRONG. The romeo and windsor heads have the same ports so the supercharger will work on any mustang GT 99-04.
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  6. Yeah, that's what I thought.