Roush Suspension Install & Cost

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  1. Wow what a difference the roush suspension makes. Car is super tight and hugs the corners. fantastic. Just picked it up from the shop. My Roush Sport has 12,200 miles on it.

    Here's my list of goodies and Prices:

    Roush Suspension kit - $1225
    Texas Hot Rod

    Ford Racing GT 500 LCA's - $111
    Local Ford Dealer

    So then for the install:
    I got 4 quotes

    1. Ford Dealer. Install Roush Suspension, install LCA, alignment - $995
    2. Mustang Shop. Install Roush Suspension, install LCA - $704
    3. Local Shop. Install Roush Suspension, install LCA, alignment - $566
    4. Another Ford Dealer. Install Roush Suspension, install LCA, alignment - $650

    So I went with the local shop. They also talked me into new upper strut mounts which were another $122.28. Did it for cheap insurance. Then during alignment, since I had the right side camber kit, I bought the left side camber kit for $89.40.

    So the total from the local shop was $782.

    Suspension kit - 1225
    LCA - 111
    Camber kit - 89
    Upper strut mounts - 122
    Alignment - 90
    labor for shock install - 45
    labor for rear springs - 75
    labor for rear sway bar - 45
    labor for LCA's - 82
    labor for front struts & springs - 187
    environmnetal fee & tax - 45

    Total = $2118

    What I learned was to get the camber kit myself next time. Also the upper strut mounts. Didn't really think about that. The alignment is dialed in, both sides are equal and in the middle of the spec. tolerances. Awesome.

    I had eibach springs before (now for sale - check the classifieds) and the roush kit raised the car 1/2" in the front and 3/4" in the rear. Front chin spoiler went up 3/8", the car with the eibachs on it was way too low and out of alignment tolerance.

    All mustangs should have the Roush suspension kit on them, no joke it's worth it.

    yea baby - Roush :nice::hail2: :hail2:
  2. What about the ride? I rented a Shelby GT-H and found the ride a little bouncy, like a rocking horse, on the freeway. I've heard that the Roush suspension is more like the stock GT suspension but more controlled.
  3. I think roush suspension is the only one from factory that gets 1g on the skidpad