Roush Roush Suspension, the BEST?

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  1. I've heard that Roush Mustangs have the nicest suspension offerings of any Mustang, can any of you Roush guys vouch for that? I ask because if the answer is yes then I will most definately look into some of your parts.
  2. I heard that too which is why I ordered Roush springs, shocks, and struts for my 03 GT. Will put them in soon.
  3. Roush Suspension


    My '05 Roush sport is being aligned today, after having the complete Roush (sway bars, shocks, springs, etc) Suspension installed. However I won't pick it up until Monday. I'll put another post up here then with pictures and full details.

    My car had the original stock Mustang suspension and eibach springs.

    I'll put up the post with all the part numbers, where to buy, what to look for, the prices, the measurements, etc., next week. It cost me $2,017 for all the work I had done on the suspension.

    It's hard to get the straight complete scoop on these forums because not everyone posts all the info in one place, I'll provide everything on 1 big post. Believe me, I've researched this for 10 months (bought the car last Christmas), so I have done my homework.

    I have a Roush so I wanted all my parts to be Roush, Ford Racing, or Motorcraft. I also wanted the handling of a Stage 2 so for me it had to be Roush.

    I'll post it in the 2005+

    Or PM me.


  4. Posting it back here wouldn't be a bad idea either .... ;)

    Although best way to judge/compare is always first hand experience.
  5. Lazy

    Hey dudes, I'm lazy, here is the write-up. Let me say this, everyone should or ford should install the roush suspension as a stock item. It really is incredible. The car feels great.

    Here ya go,

  6. Can you get this suspension on a Fox Body Mustang? Or something similar?

  7. check with steeda
  8. old thread but here's my two cents. the roush suspension is great. My 380R came with it all....though it is a bit bouncy over bridge gaps. My shelby has the ford racing suspension and its adjustable, right now its in neutral, between hard and soft. i love the way it rides. i'm sure the roush one is adjustable as well, but i havent thought to check... and of course all of my testing is done on the highway, i've never been to the curvey track to really test them out