SOLD Roush/svo Frpp Supercharger 2v

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  1. Roush/SVO FRPP Supercharger. From my understanding, this unit was made available on the stage 3 1998 Roush Mustangs. I contacted Roush when I bought this unit and they have no record of how may Stage 3 98's were made. I haven't really seen a lot of these blowers with the "Roush" casting on the top. I have only seen them say SVO or Ford Racing. Which tells me that this unit is very rare.

    Now this blower will work on non-PI or PI 2V motors (96-04) or any other 2V Ford Engines. Originally for Non-PI but did port work to work on either or with NO LEAKS. I have a PI motor and currently making 333hp and 341tq on a stock motor with just a Steeda cold air intake, 90mm Lightning MAF, and a tune. There is much more to be had with other after market parts. (heads, cam, meth, etc)

    Here is what you will get:
    Blower unit (m112) with stock pulley (seen 8 psi with CAI - I have dyno sheet)
    30lb Injectors
    Lightning AIT sensor - installed in blower
    2 different fuel rails / 1 non-return style - 1 return style
    Vacuum lines for blower
    Steeda Cold Air Intake - No MAF - filter needs a cleaning
    New alternator for 96-98 Mustang with pigtail
    Brand New Serp Belt
    New Radiator Hose
    All bolts - I will label what is for what in ziplock bags
    All brackets - except driver's side coil bracket - I shaved mine to prevent the belt from hitting.
    Throttle cable for 99-04 Mustang
    Custom coolant crossover in rear with coolant return pipe
    Base piggy back tune - see below
    Install instructions
    What you will need:
    90mm Lightning MAF
    Fuel pump
    Custom dyno tune

    I also have a base tune that you can plug into your computer with stock MAF. I ran this tune for 2 weeks prior to getting a custom dyno tune. The car ran a little rich and performed good. I never got into it in fear of breaking something.

    Now for the fun stuff - I'm looking to get $2000.00 - Shipping and PP extra. I have over 3 into it with all the work that I did to this unit for it work with either or motor. This is a very fun blower and you get instant TQ out of the hole.

    PM me for more pics or questions

  2. do you still have this?
  3. Yes I do. PM your phone number and I can call you
  4. I can't figure out how to PM on this forum :doh: Shoot me a PM and I will reply back.

  5. any luck with the sale? if not i'll make an offer

  6. Same as the last one. SOLD tag.
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