Roush Unveils 700hp Ford Mustang At Sema 2012

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    In case you missed the hottest Roush at this year’s SEMA show, we’ve got your back. This 2013 Ford Mustang variant couples efforts from three aftermarket performance firms, resulting in a Roush Mustang which packs a 700hp punch. Impressive. What all goes into the making of this beast? We’ll get you the full scoop later on, but here’s a taste–a Ford Racing Alumninator Engine, a ROUSH Phase 3 Supercharger Kit, and lots more…
    Performance figures aside, this latest Roush installment isn’t too hard on the eyes, either. A unique coat of paint, lots of exterior & interior trimmings, and of course the Roush applique to spice things up, all factor in to make this 700hp / 585tq Mustang a serious contender in the aftermarket. After all, there are Shelby Mustangs pumping out over 800hp, so it’s time to keep field full of players!
    Curious to know more? Keep reading to get the rest of the story from Roush.

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  2. Well... the cops will always be able to pick that one out and you'll never forget where you parked. o_O