Roush roush vs cobra

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by AmrcnMuscle101, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys im new to these forums and i just wanted to see if someone could compare these two cars for me. They are both amazing cars but i want to see how musc better the roush actually is. 2004 model(360r)
  2. Comparison 360R vs 2003/04 SVT Cobra?
  3. If you are comparing a 2004 360R to a cobra, there was no 360R in 2004. Now if you want to compare a 2002 360R to a cobra, they are pretty comparible in performance stock. But as we all no the cobra has a way better motor than a GT (4 valve vs 2 valve, sohc vs dohc). Not to mention you can easily get 500+ hp from a cobra, where you would have to build up the GT motor. I like the 360R if I was not planning to get alot of performance out of it. You dont see them that often, and you can get them at a pretty good deal (unfortunately for us ROUSH owners). I see cobras all over, so its what you want. Good luck!
  4. The Terminator (Ahnold) is the best Mustang to date , hands down. The body is amazing with it's functional ducts and light weight composite parts. Yeah it's not that heavy. Put on a Kenne Bell or Port the Eaton, and theres some power to utilize. Bolt ons for this car make some major power. The only Roush Product I am a fan of is the new 427R, and the Roush Shifter is also a standoout for me. Yeah I would'nt be caught suikin up a GT engine, but the blown version for Roush is awsome, yet would still get beat by a cobra. Saleen takes all especially the new ones. The "E".
  5. What you have to ask yourself is do you want 1/4 mile or twisty's?

    I did a cruise this weekend with a bunch of Cobras.... I hung all day with them with noooooo problems. when we hit the open road... they would pull on me but not that bad (till I went up against a 600+hp whipple). When we hit the twisty's..... I would do the same to them. Both are great cars.... me.... I am going to try to find a 2003/04 Cobra engine and tranny to drop into mine... have the best of both worlds!