Roush Vs Saleen Vs Shelby

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Who do y'all like and why?

  1. Roush

  2. Saleen

  3. Shelby

  1. Who do y'all like and why?
  2. Shelby. Why?

    Cause F**k you, thats why.
  3. Shelby. It's a total package, not just a stock motor with a blower, brake kit, some springs and a body kit. It is engineered from the factory to be what it is.

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  4. Yet the Roush cars perform/handle twice as well as a Shelby mustang.
  5. If you are including the Shelby GT350, then I respectfully disagree. The Gt350 is an outstanding car. Plus, you need to distinguish between a Stage 1,2 or 3 Roush. The Stage 1 is a V-6 car with "bling". The Stage 2 is a 5.0 N/A with some suspension/brakes and "bling". The Stage 3 gets the Supercharged 5.0 that has some good power. The problem with the Roush cars is the looks. I just do not like the body treatment that a Roush has. A GT350 is sex on wheels. I really like the looks of the Saleen cars. To bad Steve sold his soul to the devil and makes Saleen versions of the Challenger and Camaro.
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  6. Sorry. Should have specified. Stage3 Roush. Go big or go home. I loved 5.0 saleens. Lost interest with those when the s281 came out. Just didn't do it for me.
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  7. alrightythen.jpg
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  8. shelby, its an iconic name plate, and they were one of the original tuner car builders. cant beat the original.
  9. I used to be really into the Steeda Mustangs because they were actually leading the pack with actual race proven technology. Now they don't do any racing and are packaging up the same crap with a roots blower. Pretty hard to argue with the street abilities of that Q600 though. That thing is a monster.

  10. Shelby.....because 662hp
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  11. I've always liked the look of Saleens, that's my final answer.
  12. In the fox day, Steeda hands down. Next Saleen. Next Roush, and I don't even remember Shelby being in the picture.

    These days, Shelby hands down, followed by nobody, really. Sure, some of the other guys are putting blowers on stockish 5.0s, but Shelby is the total package, and the motors are monsters!
  13. I think it depends on the era.
    Back in the day like foxbody's, i'd say saleen.
    Nowadays, the roush is the best handler and the shelby has the power and saleen just leaves you wondering if replacements parts will be available in 2 years. Saleen has always had the best looks, but my faith is gone in the quality control and support.

    Unbelievably enough, nobody pits the top of the line saleen vs the rousch vs shelby. Not sure it matters, none of them put the power to the ground in a manner that makes them worth the money.

    Honestly, chevy just does it better, the zo6, cts v and now the z28. Cars that deliver not only on paper but on the road course and drag strip.
  14. Chevy also leads the pack in recalls. Not to mention the fact that they need .4 liters more of displacement to make 12 less horsepower than Ford. The only cars that Ford has that compares to the vehicles mentioned, GT500, that's it. The GT500 and Z28 are the only two that are in the same class. And that's not fair to Shelby.
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  15. I am a Shelby fan, with the exception of their line of wheels. A year into into ownership (not even a DD), and the clear is flaking off and the aluminum is pitting. I really hope their other parts last longer. But like mentioned above, Mr. Shelby was a pioneer, and I will always respect his name most when it comes to Mustang heritage.
  16. They always have stock for stock, at least in my 31 yrs of living.
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  17. I've been hanging out at the road races on the weekends a little bit for the last few years. Not as much now because the road race car is wrecked. However, I can tell you hands down that Chevy has no advantage. The only domestic car at the races on the weekend is Ford, and only a handful of Mustangs at that. It's totally dominated by imports. You get a few matched up parts Mustangs, and a few Steeda Mustangs, maybe a Rousch every once in awhile. Sometimes you get a V6 Camaro if someone is doing their first HPDE. An amateur will sometimes bring a Corvette, but it usually brakes down on the first day. That new Z28 is a joke. It's just an experiment car with one purpose, to end up as a collector's piece. Just forget about seeing a Dodge there.

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  18. That's pretty cool that the Fords can run with the imports and such after being modified to the gills I'm assuming but it's hard to argue that Chevy was on the ball in the motor department decades before Ford was if we're talking how they rolled off the assembly line. No ones road racing a 98 z28? Why is that, crappy chassis, poor aftermarket support?
  19. The Z28 camaro is very impressive, but cmon. 70k for no A/C and no radio? Pass.
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  20. Yikes $70k for a z28!? Man o man it's gettin nasty out there.