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  1. Engine Removal and Aluminator replacement

    I am upgrading my supercharged '11 Mustang engine with the new Aluminator engine from Ford due to the heavier build of this engine. Currently I have 625 hp, but probably will bump it up to 675 or so, and thus I want a little better built engine.

    My question is 1) I am thinking about replacing the clutch as well - any comments? 2) also am thinking of changing out the 2-piece driveshaft to a single shaft.

    I would like to handle any needed modifications when the engine is out, so an comments are appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Definitely will look onto it. Have you experience with this assembly?

    Also, since I broke my left ankle in two places a month ago, I''ll probably be needing a pedal pressure similar to the stock one.
  4. I have no personal experience with it, but it's been written about in magazines. A google search will find them. If I had the cash to spare I'd get it, but I don't.