Routine Maintence

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  1. Ok so let's talk about the titled above. Now I have done the brakes and had to do a fuel pump change (found out the relay in the CCRM went bad and wired a kill switch) and need to change my heater core as well. But just a question, 2.3 dual plug now the spark plugs, what the hell was Ford thinking?

    For all you that have these dual plugs you know where they are. But for those who don't, on the driver side, the first spark plug is directly behind the alternator and the rest are pretty much right under the fuel rail or intake manifold. So my ordeal here is taking the top half of my motor off and redoing there way around doing that?
  2. never done plugs on a 2.3. but is there anyway to get in there with a flex socket and extension?
  3. I'm at school now. But when I get home I can snap a couple pictures. Because to me it looks like there is no way to get to those. Thanks for posting!
  4. It's possible but it's not easy! Use the flex socket.
  5. [​IMG]
    You can see hear that the spark plugs are just underneath the fuel rail. Best pictures I could get.
    Just a top view. That first plug wire runs down right behind the alternator.

    tealtiger93 now have you done this? Just curious. And if you have done it, did you remove or move the alternator?
  6. A swivel socket and extensions are your friend here. I've owned 3 different dual plug headed mustangs and have never ran into not being able to change the plugs. Is it a pain, yeah a little. But just take your time, it's really not taht hard, nothing has to be removed or disassembled to get the job done.
  7. Thanks a lot bonestock87. I think that you have helped me on a couple of other things as well. So it's always good to see a veteran let you know how it really is. I will probably be hitting this head on sometime next week. So thank you all for the help. Anything else I should do during my routine maintenance?
  8. Putting a new air filter in is really easy. Maybe you want to put some plug wires on since you'll be swapping the plugs anyway.
  9. Yeah I think I'm going to do the wires too depending on how much they are. But I know I just put an air filter. I kind of want to take out the headliner though. It's falling apart and falling down. Sun roof needs redone but that's another story. Lol. :jester: