Engine Rpm And Idle Issue?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here so bare with me.
    I recently bought a 1994 Mustang v6, and I've been having some issues, so lucky me.
    The issue I have been encountering is the while driving, or just reving, at first it is all fine, and works as too, maybe a bit sluggish. Then after some time, the engine rpm will not raise past 4500. Then it will be 3500, then 3000, and sometimes 2500. It is standard, and I don't know why it does this! It is not after running for a bit of time. I was looking for suggestions. Also at this point it is idling lowly, and sometimes stalls. The battery is new, it has a brand new magna flow exhaust (though it was having these issues before)
    So I'm out of ideas. I cleaned the throttle body, but barely, and I'm gonna do it again soon. Other known issues are that it has a bad antifreeze leak
    But the engine doesn't seem to be overheating because the gauge stays in the middle and I fill it back up.
    It also takes a while to start, and if it has been running and driven a while, then turned on and off and so forth, it will get to a point where it won't start. Or barely
    A mechanic said while I was changing the oil and fuel filter it could be the fuel pump, but you can clearly hear it working when you turn the key to accessory. The car does take a while to start the first time.
    Thanks for any help or expertise.
  2. The fuel filter would usually cause consistent issues, but it's possible and it's the easiest thing to replace. The fuel filter is in front of the fuel tank under the car, and can be replaced easily. If you've never had it replaced it's probably due to be done. If that doesn't fix it, I'm going to make a random guess that it's the CCRM. I had a weird issue where I was driving my old V6 and the engine RPM's would just drop slowly. Sometimes it would recover and act normal, other times it would just slow down and die. After a random amount of time the car would restart.

    The CCRM controls power to the fan and the engine. I forget offhand what else it does. But if your CCRM is failing, it might be cutting power to the engine and messing things up. A new CCRM is over $100, so try the fuel filter and see if that helps.
  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply.
    It does have that issue. When I start it sometimes it will idle lowly, maybe catch it self, or maybe die. Then after two hours I can start it up okay, then it will be okay for a short drive, but if I let it sit for a while, say, overnight, it will be okay for an average drive the next day.
    I have already replaced the fuel filter though, as I mentioned. So I may have to look into that issue you mentioned.
    Thanks again,