rpm gage stuck on 4,000

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  1. Hey guys,

    For some reason my RPM gage on my automatic 92 vertible gt, is stuck on 4k.
    engine idles fine, revs fine, but is stuck on 4k. I have recently been downshifting alot, dont know if this has anyhting to do with it being stuck on 4k. when the car is off the needle on the gage returns to 0 rpms, and if the engine is off but ignition on the needle is on 2k, when I start the engine it goes to 4k, but the engine revs normal. when I step on it it barely moves up.
    any ideas?
    tks guys.
  2. C'mon fellas, any info on this tac problem? whats the resolution? I know I can go with an exterior tac, but my car is stock not suped so I'd like to fix the problem rather than ignore it.
  3. I had a similar problem a while ago. Mine was stuck at 3k, and someone suggested I take out the tach and re-solder all the connections on the back and any that look discolored. It worked for me, but is a pain to remove all the dash panels to get to.
  4. jpctln: did your needle on the tac go back to 0rpms when the power was all shut down? or was it stuck there always? how long did it take to take all panels off to do this? I'm thinking if i do that I might as well get white face gauges while I'm in there, once I get a job.
  5. Yeah mine would go to 0 when the car was off. It would go above 3k when I revved it that high, but it wouldnt go below 3k when the car was on. It didn't take that long, it was worth it.
  6. I'm still dealing with this issue, thinking about doing it soon, sucks not having a tach.