Rpm Going High But Car Stays At Same Speed

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  1. Hi guys I'm having some issue with my car for the past week. My car is driving normal until i step on it. the Rpms fly high but it doesn't get speed until a couple seconds later as if its sticking. I looked it up everywhere i think it might be something with the clutch cable. When I'm driving for a long time the hotter it gets the worse it gets. The clutch pedal has gotten stuck to the floor before on third gear at high speeds and i started smelling burnt clutch so i had to let off. And in fifth gear it smells like burnt clutch too. Any ideas what it could be ? really appreciate any help

    and its a 2000 mustang gt
  2. Sounds like it is time for a new clutch. When you replace it, spend the $50 at your local Stealership for a new cable too.
  3. Slipping cluch
  4. Sounds to me like a slipping clutch. I had the same issue years ago in my 96GT. If its anything like mine it wont last long. I was driving to the dealership to get it replaced and I got maybe 15 miles down the highway with it slipping more and more until all of a sudden FOOM! my entire car started pouring smoke everywhere. It was still smoking about 20 minutes later when the towtruck picked it up.
  5. New clutch time. Look into a full maximum motorsports cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster kit. Hands down the best mod I've done to mine and the best quality of any other cable/quadrant I've ever used.
  6. GasGuzzler00, did you ever experience clutch stuttering/chattering before it started slipping? Did you replace the clutch yourself? If not, approx. what was the labor cost to replace?
  7. Some clutches will chatter or shudder when new. It's more of an inherent problem with some clutch brands. Labor to swap a clutch is around 250-350, depending on where you live.