Rpmoutlet and procharger headache (my supercharging story)

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  1. Well it all started out with my calling to rpmoutlet and ordering the 11psi kit. After getting my address and name the guy thought he got all the information needed and hung up on me. He then called back and asked the year of my car and if it had abs. I told my self it’s the end of the day and he’s probably just tired, nothing special. So it finally arrives about after a week. I check threw all the parts and make sure there all there and im thinking to myself everything is all right. So I get every thing installed right down to the MAF tubing when I notice my belt is the 7psi belt! I go back and check the serial numbers and find out I got the 7 psi pulley and belt. So I ended up calling rpmoutlet and they end up being civil about the entire thing and told me to just take the pulley of and send it back and they will change it for me. So I unbolt the supercharger and all the piping leading to it and when im taking out the bolts the supercharger oil is leaking out of the holes! Im like WTF?. So I call procharger and they say I need to ship it back to them for testing. Turns out they sent me the wrong bolts…. So after another week of waiting I finally get the supercharger back. When procharger had it they was supposed to just switch the pulley for me while they was at it, but they didn’t. So when it finally got back to my house I had to take the pulley off and ship it back to rpmoutlet. This time I am tired of rpmoutlet and apparently they were tired of me calling because they wasn’t so civil. So right now im waiting on my 11psi and pulley and belt. ended up spending $65 of my own money for shipping. I have everything install from the UNV. MAF to the 300lph pump, I cant wait to start her up with 11psi!. Just ranting and now understanding that its important to never give up!

  2. Sounds more like ProCharger in a way, with the bad charger, but then again, if you received the 11 psi kit you would not have had to worry about that. I am sure if you ask they may refund the shipping charges?
  3. Rpmoutlet

    Rpmoutlet is good about what they do, but lately I have been getting a shallow feeling when I call over there. I used to buy everything from them but I guess now I'm just another customer. I was sent a bad Diablo Sport Predator and they gladly returned a new one but out of pocket I paid 17.00 buck to ship.
    How's your stang going to hold 11psi safely?

  4. lsred...i would ask for a refund but they did alot of work to fix my supercharger for free

    pred...there are alot of people running 11psi safely, procharger has a intercooled kit, so that helps with the safty factor
  5. my cars holding up good to the 11psi kit.and i beat the crap out of my car racing
  6. I've got a good 15 to 20,000 miles on my procharger now, and I like to use it daily :)