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  1. 1985 4 cyl coupe.. 69k origonal miles, Price half of what ryan was paying for a 93 coupe in worse shape... Pics and enjoy..
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    This car will be my daily driver till i move back to Pa then i with the help of friends will swap it over to a v-8 with some other goodies..
  2. I just noticed the pics suck.. Ill repost better ones tommorrow..
  3. I think i need to get the coupe thats up here by me and finish the H/C/I 306 and put in it. Looks exactly like the one u got!

    nice DD BTW:nice:
  4. furious four!! unleash those 88 ponies upon thw world!
  5. Looks good from the pics. good foundation if you ever decide to do the swap.
  6. do you live by York PA?? if you do ill come on by and give u a hand on the 5oh swap? my GF's parents live in York and we are there almost every weekend
  7. :nice:

    That is begging for a Carb'd 302
  8. Carbed 351.
  9. hahah he was able to insult Ryan when explaining his new ride....:rlaugh:
  10. nice find... I hope you keep it a 4 eye :D
  11. how much was ryans titleless beater?
  12. Looks good, what kind of camera was that?:eek:
  13. looks good. and ryan bought another car? lol.
  14. when u moving back to PA?

    yeah because him being able to insult a 15 year old is o-so-cool

    its not my beater...i don't own it. i haven't even bought it ....i may not.


    rs stang...PM SENT!!!
  16. Hey daggar kinda punishment does one get for suggesting bodily harm in a message.
    Ryan I remember you saying on FEP you were buying that car..
    No pants i will always have one up on him because ive owned my own v-8 and can drive..
    Jaswir.. Im not moving till afta summer.
    1990coupe I will be living closer to the northern part of PA but am always up for help..
    FBD yes i will be doing the swap, Ram 360, my brother from another mother will be helping me.
    Strype,and 85 ragtop, thoose are both great options , however i dunno what i wanna do with it yet..
    The car will be staying 4 eyed and i do not know what kind of camera it is.. Its the guys who sold me the car. I pick it up tommorrow..
    And finally Ryan if you have a problem then stay out of my threads.. Dont e- thug it behind a moniter and a keyboard..
  17. are you moving back up to wilkes barre?

    once again the car looks nice from what I can tell from the ****ty pictures, if you dont mind me asking what did you pay for it?
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