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Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by RsStanG1987, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Yep moving to the greater wilkes barre area.. The car cost $500 from a vette guy..
  2. Damn ryan. LOL

    Nice car RsStanG.

    I want a Notch.

  3. wasent suggesting....i was hoping :mad:.....i really do hate you....and i dont care that you have a V8 before me....your what????? 2 somthing? im 15....

    yeah i want to buy the car....but not till he has a title...drop it.

    btw...nice coupe....
  4. thats rich considering your the one starting everything....yanking one chain after antoher.....dont start with me... :bang:
  5. rsstang...its a 91 not a 93 dummy.
  6. another PM has been sent to you rs.
  7. not to be a douche but ya'LL should get married. ive seen old threads and posts from you 2 argueing. lol grow up:rolleyes:
  8. told him to take that strupid avastar off and that would end it..... said no before i was banned and still waiting for an answer at the moment....

    look at the not the one starting ****
  9. i back you on that. but still argueing over stupid stuff is what married couples do. why you ask? easy im married bahwuahuhawuha:D
  10. yeah...

    if i get banned again for this.......

    good bye....forever. :flag:

  11. thats your beef man:flag: , keep it real , keep it simple, if someones bein a douche, ignore them, plain and simple.
  12. You guys crack me up.. Its great.

  13. so that means you like startin chit or what :shrug:
  14. Who are you anyway? Yeah i said i got a better deal.. I diddnt start any Chit as you say.. Im cracking up at the 2 of you whining about smack talk on a message board.

  15. your what maybe 25 yrs old at the most? and still you argue with a kid thats less than 17? lol tells a whole lot about you. you might want to reread all your posts that you typed on this board. sounds to me you are the one that whines on the board. just my .02.
  16. im not the one starting **** put me in the thread becasue you know i would come in here and respond to it..

    then why dont you drop it? i bet you go to bed at night thinking "im the man" i total owned a 15 year old on stangnet?

    what are you gay? why am i your avstar?

    your the one starting ****....o wait one sec...want me to refresh your memory??

    yeah im the one bring it to your am i a in it then :p

    wait what did you say there?

    you have some spelling mistakes in you post to....go fix it o mighty one.
  17. *makes popcorn*

    Who wants extra butter?
  18. i'll take some:cool:

    thats if you share :rlaugh:
  19. better go make more....this could get ugly...
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