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  1. :rlaugh:
  2. I spelled one word wrong in the first post.. Ryan when you got bant and then sold your car, there was a whole thread about it. About 50 people were glad you left. I actually go to bed watching TV and thinking gawd i cant wait till my wife comes to bed so i can get shot down trying to score again. Stangnet isnt my life ryan.
  3. You dont have to go... ;)
  4. I was the 50th person on that thread. :D
  5. This thread is funny.

    Ryan, you want to buy a pos 4 cylinder beater that Im 95% sure you will never do anything worthwhile with, for something like $1200 or more. RsStang, just bought a 4 cylinder beater that has a title for less than half, and it is in 10 times better condition. Think about that before you make a stupid decision. Maybe he pointed that out so you would get a clue, but like usual you take everything way too seriously. Also whoring up FEP with your areo nose swaps and Chevy motors in mustangs are cool, BS is going to get you banned faster than you get banned on here. To me you are just a troll because you aren't adding anything, or learning anything.

    RsStang, never change that avitar. I laugh every time I see it.
  6. :Word:
  7. She's gone... Eh. Women. :rolleyes:
  8. She'll lurk until something pisses her off enough to warrant a response typed in 30 font.

    RsStang I love your avatar too!!!!!!

    and hey ryan, for $75 and a trip to the DMV you can get that title in 10 minutes, even if ohio has it's head stuck up its ass. FYI
  10. I would LOVE to have a stock 4 banger coupe for a daily driver...especially a 5 speed.
  11. nice buy RS! nothing screams "SLEEPER" more than a 4 eye notch.

  12. Nuuu uhhh. I went to bed. LOL :rlaugh:

  13. Word. Me too.
  14. if anyone is trying to point someout then just say not going to sit there and think what he may of ment by saying it.

    who cares what they do its they car let them do what they want..there the one that will take the lose when they try and sell it.

    the thing is i don't want a car in good body condition.... i want to learn more with body work and that's why i want a car like that.....the cheapest 4 banger i have found is that coupe......a 4 banger hatch with less body work but 200K+ miles for 2,000...ill pass.....i haven't found any cheaper then that and i look everyday...eBay, craig's list, local paper ect.

    and it really limits me with what i want...a coupe.
  16. You always have to pay for title transfer fees. Get an education on how registering a car works Newb..
  17. :owned:


  18. duh dude.....but im not paying to get a new title....he said he would take care of that....and i don't have to pay to register the dad takes care of that... :D my dads pretty helpful, and puts up with me buying and selling cars:D next car i buy is a keeper though.
  19. The title is still being paid for though.. You seriously need to think before you talk.
  20. I wish my father would have paid for all of my title transfer fees. :rolleyes:
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