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  1. im not paying for it though so.......its not a concern of mine rs.
  2. Then why dont you have the title if your not paying for it? Kind of sounds like noone is paying for it , and you dont have a car! Im glad I look into this stuff, decide Before I make any decisions (or post about it online) and am driving my "new" car within a day or two!

  3. listen....

    the owner of the coupe is Keith....he is paying to get a new title...after he gets the title....were going to go buy the coupe....i know im buying it because it is the cheapest coupe i have been able to find in the past couple of weeks.

    the title to the coupe and about 4 other mustangs were stolen from his business...that's why is taking a while to get sorted out....
  4. ouch stolen title. I wouldnt touch that car with a ten foot pole. best wait for something better to come along, b/c they always do. for once I aint gonna flame ya. you are young and not very patient, but I am telling you. in another couple of weeks you are going to find an even better deal somewhere else. that's just the way this stuff works. find a roller, you can tow it home with the tractor and pull some victory donuts when you are done.
  5. i think i was 2 of 50, i love the avatar also~! just my 0.02
  6. thats why i didnt buy it not buying it till it has a title....

    yeah already asked if i could by a roller and put in a 3.8 from a new mustang in it...he said no( he dont want the mess in the garage is my guess).....nonthing better has come along then this thing..... the cheapest 4 banger i HAVE EVER seen close to me is that not spending 2k on one is worst condition with twice the miles
  7. why are you in a hurry to buy a car?... why dont you save up till you get your liscens.. then you'll have more money by then to somthing a little nicer that wont need so much work.. you are still working arnt you?.. you cant have any bills yet, so saving shouldn't be a problem
  8. yeah i still work but i want to buy a car soon becasue this spring if i want i can get it painted....(FREE)....thats my birthday gift to me from my dad and, i want to get that coupe becasue its the same color i want so that means i wouldent have to pull the engine to paint the bay and stiff to where it would just be welding in the new patch panles. and such.

    and it has most of what i want....the black interior, and its a coupe,,ill call keith monday and see if he has a update.
  9. he cant mow lawns in the snow dumbass:nono:

    think steve:D
  10. take a pic of your money before you waste it
  11. i work at Extek now, every Friday..pays good :D
  12. ill pass...not a waste to me..... final price ant set in stone going to show up with 800 in sure he will take it...he has had the car for a over a year at his shop.
  13. ummm, I paid 300 for a 93 vert last's my daily now. keep looking. if he is truly desperate give him 350 and say it's a stolen car he cant legally sell it.

  14. he wont budge to much....its not a stolen car from what he says...someone borke in and stole the titles to some of the cars.

    i dont want a vert, or a hatch.. this is the only coupe i have found....and its the cheapest so far.

    he had the car sititng in his salavge yard in the front, i asked him if he would sell it and he said he has to get a title for it...

    i really dont understand why everyone says i paid this for this...its a different car and were in different states....
  15. Sorry where was my head at ?.... i thought he was still bag'in grocerys

    +1... start low, and only go a little bit higher.. if he wont budge tell him " well thats the best i can do.. good luck tryen to sell a stolen car"., it might take a few days but he'll call back.. and if he dont you still got 4 months to find somthing better.. ill start looking up here for you.. you only live about 1 hour away.. im sure will find you what you want for the money you want to spend..

    lol.... Nice car rusty, what was i thinken this is your thread. lol
  16. yeah i have looked on autotradder...all i found were some verts and a couple of coupes.
  17. check your state laws, if you get a car from a salvage yard they cant be titled in some areas.. it's illegal where I live. the vehicle is reported as scrapped. if you buy a car from a salvage area here it is only good for parts or a track vehicle.
  18. Nice car rusty. It should prove to be a nice dd ride. :D
  19. yeah the guy across the street did that, bought a Ram 2500 or 1500 looks Nice too its a 2000 i think.. clean just had a salvage title and rebuilt motor..
  20. hey rusty, if you are ever in NW FL we should race our 4 bangers
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