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  1. the car was bought form a guy in virginia he said...he brought it home on his truck and got it running when he got it home.... had the title but later on someone broke in and stole a couple of the...its not just a salvage yard..they buy and sell Mustangs...

    1983-1993 is what they mostly have...a couple od SN95's and they had one 2005 that was ****** up pretty bad last time i was there...
  2. I paid $900 for my notch on ebay, Its a 1990 25th anniversary w/ 70K orig miles and I am the 2nd owner. I did the 5L conversion myself with a healthy H/C/I 302 and T5, I now currently have about $5000 in it all together with the pro stars I just bought, and a hood and trunklid from ABC Exclusive. So Ryan seriously don't get in a hurry, I'd keep looking, you don't want some rusty coupe you have to fix the body on, spend your hard earned cash on go fast parts.

  3. i didnt think they made a 25th anniversary mustang? or a 30th
  4. 1989/1990 were 25th annv

    Nice car Rusty, thats gonna be killer when you get it swapped. Excellent body to start with, and you got a helluva deal!
  5. Yeah with the help of friends it will be bad ass.. I just need to learn how to rebuild a carb.. It needs a new float.
  6. floats are pretty easy...just remember to put the float needle back on :rolleyes:
  8. so is it moving under its own power now?
  9. :lol:

    Why would you want to start with junk, that makes no sense at all. The rust will keep coming back. Thats probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
  10. I must agree. :shrug:
  11. Its the dumbest thing I have ever heard today.

    Why do you keep telling us the junk yard owners name. Who the hell cares what his name is, and why would someone break in and steal titles? Were they wrapped in money?

    Also going on a 4 eyed mustang website and professing that you like areo nose conversions means 3 things. 1. your trying to be a jackass to get a rise out of people, 2. your at the wrong site, 3. you are not a four eyed mustang fan or even a very good areo nose fan for that matter. Also professing that chevy motors in fords is cool, is a stupid move on any ford website. Sure the guy can do what he wants, but he can keep what he wants to do, to himself, especially when its something as redneck as that.

    The main problems are, you keep trying to act tough, you act very immature (honestly if I didnt know any better I would think you are ten years old. Ive been an after school teacher for a few years, so I know how 10 year olds act), and you try to give advice about problems you really dont have a clue about or even a hint of experience with. Sit back and learn by not running your mouth, and ask legitimate questions about things that are actually giving you problems, no more hypotheticals. Man when I was your age, I just used to read about everything. You have your whole life ahead of you to get hands on experience, and trust me, you will get tired of it. Im doing transmission work pretty much every weekend and I've already had enough.
  12. god damn this thread is much advice, so little appreciation...

    same, my dad never paid for anything for my cars. I was on my dads insurance policy till I bought my notch. (paid for my portion of course) He told me he wouldnt let a 19 year old with one of the lightest mustangs built and a 302, be on his insurance. two days later, I had my own insurance. you can look back and debate commiting suicide for spending soo much money on soo much junk. been there done that. (didnt go as far as commiting suicide though lol)

    come on dude, that is terrible advice.

    so is having patience to buy a decent car. Trust me dude, youll prolly whine and cry about all this critisism(sp?), but been there done that. Bought my first notch in jersey. It was a 4cyl. auto. Wasnt in bad shape, and I wanted to convert it and all. Well no money and plenty of time didnt get anything done. Then got a good paying job... The only problem was so much money and no time. So I lost interest in converting and just bought the cheapest notch 5.0 5spd I could find. Its not the greatest car but I still love it, kinda regret buying it cuz two weeks later about 6 nicer notches with more mods popped around the area and I already bought mine.

    moral of the story dont be in a hurry, and youll find something you wont regret.

    btw does anyone have a link to this said notch that we are talking about?

  13. not trying to get on your ****list but werent you defending his comments a few months back? :D
  14. At first almost everyone was. But I've hit my breaking point.

    I was actually letting 85% of everything slide until he got banned from here and started whoring up FEP.
  15. with areo nose swaps...who cares...there the one f in up there car....let can be put back to stock. same with anything aloud to have my opinion ain't i?
  16. no matter what you buy...a few months later and something better will pop was the same when i bought the 83...2 weeks later a nice hatchback popped up with a 3.8 in it...(86)...less money but i already bought the 83....same when my dad bought his 86.....3 weeks later the same guy we bought the 86 from put his 89 up for sale......was nicer and had WAY more mods for only 1k more... but again...already had bought sure everyone on here could sure everyone has bought something and then found something better they have liked.
  17. if you all think you have something better i could buy then tell me..ill consider anything but id really like a coupe and this is the only one i can find..... i dont want to be traveling really far to find one either...unless its nice and cheap....

    only other car i have found and like is a 90 supercoupe...idk if my dad would let me get that though...

  18. Everyone on that ****ing site. If you are cool with areo nose swaps there, or even anywhere now, your opinion means nothing and will only get you picked on more. Your "opinions" are what gets you bashed in the first place. As the old saying goes "its better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt"

  19. :hail2: thats the best advice i have been given....ill try that (im serious not kidding)
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