Rubber Meets The Road

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  1. My first post. I'm hooked on this board, and hooked on the new 05 Mustang GT. Many of you have already stated that you are buying the 05 when it comes out. I would estimate that my purchase commitment was at 90% until last weekend. I went to the dealer and drove a brand new 04 Mach 1, mainly to get a feel for the Mustang, etc. Well, after that you could say that my purchase commitment has risen considerably. Which brings me to my point....

    I think that there is a fairly large group of us who are really sold on 05 Mustang. Ideally I would like to take delivery this fall. For those of you with similar thoughts, is there any way that we could get together regionally to make a group purchase, with the goal of getting a fair price ? The kind of deal that would be good for us and good for Ford. I'm not sure how dealerships work, and whether or not this would be possible. Can fleet dealers do stuff like this ?

    I am interested in finding out how many of you are serious about getting the 05 (sooner vs later). Would the above idea work ? If you have other thoughts or ideas, please post them.
  2. I don't think so, just because the 05 will be brand new and they wouldn't want to be giving out any special discounts or anything
  3. If you want to get one of the first ones...

    You're going to get a special deal all right! I can't wait to see the price gouging on these babies... I would wait a little while if you can stand it - you will get a much better deal. Good luck with your purchase.