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  1. Hey everyone - I just picked up my second Fox, a 1989 GT hatch, and have a problem. This car is virtually new and totally original. It has never been modded in any way and that's why this problem is confusing, as the car is dead stock.

    Here's the problem - when backing up, if you turn the wheel far to the right, there is a rubbing noise. I've isolated it to the front of the tire rubbing on the inner part of the front factory skirt. You can actually see where the paint has rubbed off when you look inside. This is very annoying and I can't imagine this was the way the car was intended to be built.

    Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, similar experiences with a fix? I'm stumped. I should add that there is no rubbing when turning the wheel to the left in reverse, nor is there any rubbing when going forward turning either way.
  2. Without seeing it in person its hard to say but I would start with checking the control arm bushings.
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  3. Mine does it too, but im running 245/45/17's on an 8" rim up front. Unknown backspacing
  4. Are you SURE the steering rack has never been replaced?
  5. What size are the tires?
  6. Believe it or not, that's normal for '87-'89 GT's only. I'm the original owner & mine did the same. You have described it accurately, it's only when backing in one direction. Mine still has original paint & you can see where it's rubbed off. You are a member of a select club. Welcome.
    Ford finally slightly changed the shape of the fender skirts for '90. I don't think you could see the difference even if they were side by side. LX's don't have this problem. Welcome to the world for Ford, where Quality is Number One. Remember that slogan?
    That's why I changed my wheels & tires to have a smaller diameter. 245/45-16 on 16x8 wheels, a size which is almost unavailable now. They were stock size on Porsche 944's. My tires are going on 14 years old, but still look good, since car has been garaged. I've been looking for replacements, because I like my wheels. There are a few more choices for the factory turbine wheels, which I still have. 225/50-15 will lower the vehicle by almost 1", but since the diameter is smaller by 1.77", won't rub.
    Only once choice under $100 & it's a closeout - http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Kumho&tireModel=Ecsta AST&partnum=25HR5EAST&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes

    Falken ZX-912 is on sale at TiresPlus for $276 (for 4) - $50 rebate on 4

    Charts are on my website: Wheel & Tire Size Data
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