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    My car did the same thing.. it was just the cable... once it stretched to a certain point it wasnt letting me into 1st or reverse...the cable being stretched can also cause the clutch fork to be constantly in contact with the tob causing it to be noisy...99.9999999% a new cable and a quadrant will fix your problem
  2. Ps make sure its a ford cable.. not napa and definitely not an adjustable cable or you will end up back in the same boat
  3. +1, I posted the link for reference, but definitely stick with an oem cable.
  4. Ok I ordered a new cable and quadrant for my car today. After taking it to my friends he felt it was the culprit like yall did. Sorry I was hesitant to follow yalls advice earlier but im just trying to get this right. Also on another note the car recieved some damage from the dealership I took it too. Ill post a picture later I doubt they will do anything about it. Super pissed
  5. Thats funny I didnt think the word p_I_s_s_e_d would be blocked.
  6. That Ford TOB comment made me laugh.... and they wonder why everyone hates the dealerships...

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  7. Remember the MM cable requires a firewall adjuster if you don't have one.
  8. Well I am happy to report that my car works now, thanks for the help everybody! I called the dealership and spoke to the service manager and told him that I fixed it and that he needs to get his crew to actually check cars out instead of trying to scam people for bogus repairs and that they need to handle cars a lot better. The jerkoff said that the car will be out of spec and unable to drive again in a month. After he said that I was floored and called the manager of the dealership and chewed them out for having someone talk to a customer like that and not properly asses what was wrong with the car. Im not sure what to do at this point, the manager is supposed to call me back. I know I am going to ask for a refund for the diagnosis but I really want the dip:poo:s to pay for the damages on my car. A local paint and body shop qouted me 250 dollars to fix it.
    End rant..:fuss:
  9. Glad you got it fixed...sucks the car got damaged... f stealerships
  10. Is there anything that I can do to fix my squeaking throw out bearing? Its annoying the living hell out of me every time I drive my car. I have a new Maximum Motorsport oem clutch cable that I need to install, maybe that will help it? Otherwise I dont know what to do, so frustrating that it does this after a clutch job only 5 months ago...
  11. tighten up the adjustment on the adjustable quadrant. your clutch pedal should feel stiff and should catch a little higher than stock. once you do that, your TOB should quit squeaking.
  12. I went ahead and installed the new MM clutch cable. I didn't install it with the quadrant because it hadn't arrived at the same time so I was using the stock one. Its definitely a lot better/smoother for clutch operation and seems to have helped with the throw out bearing making noise. If it does again Ill tighten it some like you advised.

    I just wanna thank everyone for the advice and help. You helped me fix something that I thought was going to be a nightmare!:hail: