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  1. :scratch: Is this one your drunk posts again? :rlaugh: I don't get the first half.
  2. lol naw just a story how we "saved" some bioch from getting raped then left all of them (2 dude, 1 ****) in the ally and walked away
  3. Ok, got it. Makes sense. Maybe they were filming a porno, and you interrupted it. :mad:
  4. prolly, but she was glad we "stepped in" maybe she thought he looked hotter in the club er somfin
  5. Maybe, lol. Maybe it was her brother? He was very drunk and it's dark in the club... :eek:
  6. lol maybe it WAS a porno film and it was all part of a script and the part u 2 came in was also in it lol im just messin but yea thats kinda f****d up that she offered u sexuall needs after she almost got some being forced that would like suck
  7. In reference to the original post, I came up with some rules that I go by.
    Feel free to add/delete etc as you please. Only five for me, ten is too limiting lol

    1.Thou shalt wash thy steed and cover when appropriate, neglect not thy horse
    2. If traveler wisheth to ride, no food or drink may he/she possess
    3. Thou shalt not bring undue attention to the Mustang by means of foolishness
    4. If thee art competing then taketh the Stang to a proper stable and race track
    5. Help thy fellow horse owner and beware of the cocky Firebird