rumor? cnl lower intake for 2v

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  1. I'd be quicker to buy a C&L lower for a cheaper price with lower gains than I would a Fox Lake/Bullitt intake. Even if it were to gain as little as 10hp or so, fine, I could probably P/P it for a few additional ponies and be completely content. Although, I hope it produces torque, too.
  2. Any more info of when this thing is going to be released?
  3. The rumor is next spring
  4. next spring sounds great if it's true. just in time to spend my tax return money instead of buying an engagement
  5. Don't know if it is true, just what I have heard
  6. In my opinion a different intake with the stock heads NA isn't worth it. The restriction is in heads. People are seeing better gains from P&P work and even aftermarket cams.
  7. But an intake is a step in the right direction.
  8. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]But an intake is a step in the right direction.[/QUOTE]
    I wasn't saying upgrading the intake was a step in the wrong direction. It just seems that 10hp for over a $1000 isn't worth it. If money isn't an object I say go for it.
  9. It's not just 7-10 hp that you will gain. You need to look at the gains accross the board. I would gladly take 10 hp and 10 ft tq accross the power band as opposed to someone building an intake with a 20 hp spike between 5800 and 6000 rpm. The gains showed so far on the Bullit and Fox Lake are worth the money. It will only get better as new products come out, but we still will have a couple of years before the power gets cheaper. I doubt we will ever see prices for the 2v mod the same as 5.0 parts . :D
  10. That is the whole point of all of us hoping C&L come out with there lower intake. If it is say $400 and their upper is $179, that is only $579 for a complete intake
  11. Well.......

    If memoriy serves me correctly, didn't there used to be a plastic aftermarket intake for 2V's???? I'm just wanting something that will give me some NA power, b/c I'm looking for everything I can get out of an all motor a reasonable price!!!!

    Does anyone remember the aftermarket plastic intakes??

    Also, what did ya'll think about the new article about the 2V Reichardt :sp: Intake???


  12. the restriction is not in the heads. when you look at the numbers, such as port size, valve size, and a CFM map of our heads, they flow quite well. the biggest reason is quite simply our intake manifolds. while this gives us large amounts of torque, they choke the motor up on the top end. i wish Ford had put the extra effort to design a variable length intake manifold for the 4.6, much like Fords other modular motors (2.5 modular duratec). the benifits would be enormous, a little more torque, and a ton of HP.

    Oh, and i hope everyone here realizes that it does cost money to go fast, but that does not supercede the fact that Fox Lake is taking advantage of the modular community. they know the market is non-existant, so rather than provide a reasonable intake price, one that Fox lake would profit greatly and we would be more willing to buy one, Fox lake has decide to stick everyone for all they can get...1300 bucks worth. Greed at its finest.

  13. I think that is why everyone is complaining about the $1300 price tag on the fox lake intake. It would just make more sense to lower the price and sell more intakes than to sell it at that outrageous price and sell only a few intakes
  14. i agree, if it was between 8 and 9 hundred for the fox lake with the rails, i would definately consider it
  15. I know nothing at all about the C&L rumor of a new manifold but I do know for certain that a very performance oriented Ford dealership on the east coast ( ok central Jersey, ok still not enough Toms River NJ oh alright Downs Ford) is about to bring out their own manifold for the 2v 4.6 engine. I have no details on when or pricing or configuration I just know that is is about to happen .
  16. :eek: No way! Toms River is like an hour from me. If that's true..........:banana:

    Gotta keep tabs on that one. :nice:

  17. will this be an upper and lower, and how do u know this info. downs ford is an hour from me also
  18. How did you find out about this intake from Downs Ford
  19. I used to work at the Navy Base in Lakehurst and wore out several credit cards buying parts for for the 5.0's that I owned from the Motorsport Parts Department at Downs. I still touch base there once in a while with Joe Amato the Motorsports Parts Manager and he mentioned it in an email last week . As I said I have no details yet on price, configuraation or when it will be available just the promise from Joe is good enough for me tho.
  20. Sounds good, hopefully it won't be priced like the bullit intake