rumor? cnl lower intake for 2v

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by brian98gt, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. were u in the navy? i was for 4 and a half yrs and i went there on leave once. are u still locted in nj?
  2. No I spent my uniform time in Army green but I worked as a civilian for the Navy at Lakehurst. I live in PA just across the river from trenton .
  3. cool, it seems like a couple manufactures are finally starting to dip into the intakes for the 4.6 2v. hopefully it will bring prices down a bit
  4. modular performance is making a lower intake for navigator DOHC engines to work with roots/twin screw superchargers :D. Should be out sometime next year.

  5. Doesn't help us SOHC guys out much
  6. Really. I think the amount of people looking for a 4.6 2V intake a just a *LITTLE* bit more than the 2 people looking to put a twin screw on a 5.4 4V. :rolleyes:

    I want intakes! :D
  7. :OT: but didn't downs lose their svt dealership license? But, still, I would believe Joe would out an aftermarket intake, but last I talked to him, they ony had the bullit intake :shrug:
  8. i wonder if the 05 gt will have a plastic intake, or will they put something new on. i f they go with the 3v heads, i would think they would need a new intake design. hopefully they can both be swapped and hopefully the use aluminum
  9. The Down's one sounds interesting ;)

    Does anyone remember the aftermarket plastic intakes that came out awhile back??? I'm looking into a N/A setup, and unless the newer intakes become a lil more affordable, I'm looking elsewhere :(

    So, does anyone know anything about an aftermarket plastic intake?


  10. Never heard of one :shrug:
  11. i never heard of a plastic one. if there is a plastic one thats probably why no one has heard of it. who wants a plastic intake to replace the plastic intake

  12. If it was priced similar to a replacement stock intake but gave us more power then I think a lot of people would buy it
  13. I think the 1st from Riechard Racing was plastic. Plastic would not be bad if it performs. It would probably be in the price range most are willing to pay also. :nice:
  14. i think at least 50% of the people looking for a new intake is for strength over the plastice one for forced induction. the other half wants power and looks. i never heard of the r/r plastic and probably because there either is none, or it didn't work that well.
  15. I think plastic can be plenty strong for Forced induction up to a point. Larger runners and tuned to the right lenght. On n2o applications the plastic is not bad unless you hit the limiter or get fuel puddling. It is also bad on aluminum, but is more forgiving. I have still seen aluminum intakes blown apart. If there is not flex in the block I don't know what would crack plastic. Plastic would be cheaper, no doubt.
    You cannot port plastic like Aluminum, so what you get is it...
    I think it was RR that first released a plastic prototype, whoever it was , there were a limited number.
  16. I don't think they lost their license they are still advertising and selling Ford Motorsport parts and other performance parts. Joe DID mention that they are no longer doing installs of performance parts there. I had asked him about doing a rear install and reflash He said they are sending all that work to "Outrageous Mustangs" ( Ithink that was the name of the place and if my memory serves me that is the shop that is or at least used to be run by Dwayne Guthridge
  17. Does anyone have connections to C&L?

  18. Yea I believe thats the place. All I know is that a Dealership within 5min from my house is about to start selling motorsport parts and SVT vehicles. :flag: