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  1. Well, I stopped down at the Ford dealer last night. Need a new remote for my keyless entry. Anyway, I was checking out the GT they had and there were about 10 leftover 03's and 10 new 04's and 3 Mach 1's. They claim no one is buying because, #1 its winter and #2 everyone is waiting for 05. They have nice deals on the 03's and 04's. Sticker on a fully loaded 04 GT is $27K and change. They claim the 05 GT will be about $2K more. Well they also mentioned that Ford is putting off the Cobra for 06 or 07. There is talk of a
    V-10 in the Cobra. I guess at one of their sales meetings about the new Mustang, they were told the V-6 and GT would be out for 05 and a special model, either a Bullit, Boss or Mach would be out later that year or a combo of those. This will take place of the Cobra. I guess plans for the Cobra are to build a more of a super car image in the future that will compete with the Viper and Corvette. This is were the Shelby name comes into play. The car not be called a Mustang or Cobra, just Shelby. It will use the Mustang platform but have unique styling, a V-10 and six speed. These are the rumors I've heard from the local Ford boys and girls. :shrug:
  2. I heard the 2006 cobra will have a V-10 twin turbo, carbon fiber body, and come in under $25,000.
  3. Thanks for the input! :rolleyes:
  4. If J. Mays suggested the Shelby cobra concept, if built, would probably have the S/C V8, why yould they put a v10 in the mustang?
  5. Why not? I'm sure they've done before and they could probably do it again.
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  7. I mean for production.
  8. No offense, but the last time I talked to a car dealership where anyone had a clue about ANYTHING, I'll have to get back to you if I remember any such instance.
  9. Bad topic I guess. Only subject people talk about is a sub $20K V-8 and IRS.
  10. It's not a bad topic....but usually dealers know about as much as the bums that panhandle in front of the dealerships. There are tons of rumors out's just a matter of what you believe.
  11. The only problem with the thread is the dealer part. So many people have had experience with extremely stupid salespeople. That most people don't believe a thing they say. It's bad enough that I ignore them when I go to a dealership.
  12. I work in a dealership and, trust me, the people on the internet know more than the salespeople about what's coming next week, much less next year.

    Everything I've read says that the V10 'Stang is strictly a one-off that will never see production. I look for the '06 Cobra (it has been out for several months that SVT is not producing cars or trucks in '05) to be a blown version of the GT engine making 425-450 horsepower. Just an educated guess, but enough to make me already plunk down money to be first on the waiting list at my local SVT dealer.
  13. I disagree. Ford has not been testing and trying this "one off" engine for the last 2 years for nothing -- especially in a 'Stang. I would not AT ALL be suprised to see this engine make it to production, and to see it make production in a 'Stang, and it was awesome if they did do it. We can only hope. Ford screwed up by not producing the Lightning for '05. They are letting Dodge get the "title" they want. Rumor has it there will be a Charger for '06. Rest assured Ford knows they can not give up the title for too long. I think there will be a '06 Cobra(maybe called "SVT Mustang"), and a Lightning, and I wouldn't be surprised if they even shared the V10 motor they have been testing. Either way they will be POWERFUL. JMO.
  14. Ford might have been testing it to validate and get durability miles on the engine design, not specifically to put it in a production mustang. And it's something cool to put on magazine covers.
  15. I thought in that show rides they said they were testing it for the shelby cobra 2 seater.
  16. There you go.
  17. v 10 in a stang?
    sounds like an R model to me.
    I thought fords answer to the viper and Z06 was the fordGT.
    so many rumors... it's good to have dreams! :)
  18. The Ford GT is too pricey to compete with anything. Its more of an answer to Ferrari, Porsche and other such cars. When you think about it, the only direct domestic competition for the Mustang is the Vette and the Viper. Today the all the write-ups and magazine numbers are compared to the Vette and Viper. The 2000 Cobra R is a perfect example.
  19. According to a Ford insider, here is the real story on the V10 Mustang.

    The story about the V10 as told on rides is NOT correct. That is the V10 Mustang was absolutely NOT a development mule for the Shelby Cobra V10 engine. Call it Hollywood story telling, not reality.

    According to this person the V10 Mustang was indeed a one off unauthorized project by some Ford engineers. It was done over 3 years ago. The reason why they built the V10 was that they wanted to put it in the Ford GT. They felt Ford did not have an appropriate engine for the GT. These engineers got the opportunity to present their V10 engine proposal to Ford management, but the S/C 5.4 V8 got selected instead because it was considered "proven technology", and it had the weight of SVT behind it.

    However, a few of Ford's management people were really impressed by the V10 Mustang, so they funded some more development on the "low deck" V10. This is how the 427 V10 in the 427 show car and the 390 V10 in the Shelby Cobra came about.

    Right now there are people inside Ford who favor the "low deck" V10, but others, SVT and the regular V8 engine development people want the low deck V10 to go away. The problem with the "low deck" V10 is that a handful of engineers working on their own time came up with what is probably the best engine Ford has for a performance car. I'm sure you guys know how no one likes to be shown up by some eager beaver employees who stay at work real late.


    Note: I am referring to the Mustang & Cobra V10's as "Low Deck V10" because it uses the same deck height as the 4.6L V8. This distinguishes it from the 6.4L V10 truck engine which is a high deck like the 5.4L.