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  1. '06 SVT Mustang

    I think the most logical choice for the next SVT Mustang is the 5.4 SOHC 3V, providing it fits. I would like to see an all aluminum version of this engine with '03 Cobra quality internals and the twin-screw blower with VCT. Add a 6-speed and a much improved IRS, along with Brembo brakes and you have the makings of a great car, hopefully under 3500 lbs. :(
  2. Well, this confirms it then. There definately will not be a Shelby Mustang or a V10 in the next Mustang. Anything a dealer tells you that isn't in the general press is 99.99999% of the time going to be bull'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'.
  3. No, Ford's answer to the Viper and Z06 is to laugh uncontrollably at how pathetic they are. The Ford GT has the Italians in its sights. The Z06 and Viper can't really even hope to compete.
  4. Right on the money ..... Majority of the people at dealerships don't know their arse from a hole in the ground.
  5. Actually the new Viper SRT-10 is relatively close performance wise with the new Ford GT. :shrug:
  6. Your right, The Viper SRT-10 and Ford GT are about dead even as far as performance goes. But the Ford GT's main target is the Ferarri 360, they are both mid engine $140K+ cars.

    The '06 Z06 will be 500HP too, I wouldn't be suprised if it is faster than both the Viper and Ford GT since it will be a few hundred lbs. lighter.
  7. Z06...

    I agree. The new 6.4 liter Z06 is going to be an animal. I read somewhere that they are going to use aluminum framerails to come in under 3000 lbs.
  8. Newest rumor is they didn't get the power they wanted out of the 6.4L so they will be upping the displacement to 7.0L (427ci), I don't know how true this is, we will just have to wait until the final specs are out this fall/winter.
  9. Interesting...

    Whatever happened to two cams in the block instead of one? One for intake, and one for exhaust, stacked one on top of the other I presume...

    It seems like it would be cake to get 500 hp out of 6.4 liters of LS6. They got 405 out of 5.7 in LS6 trim.

    What heads does the 400 hp 6 liter LS2 wear? I'm assuming they're not LS6 type, or if so, with much less cam than the '04 LS6 motor.

    I sure like the LS(X) engines... :hail2:
  10. True, the Viper has similar straight-line numbers, but what car beat both the Ferrari 360 Stradale (sp?) and the Porsche GT3 on the track??? And what car did C&D claim to be so great only the Enzo could beat it???
  11. Here's link to a decent read...

    GT vs Viper

    I realize Ford has targeted Ferrari with the GT but the Viper doesn't just have similar straight line numbers, it also has similar track numbers, slalom, braking n such as well documented in the rags and I think C&D T.V. too. That being said I think the both cars are awesome but the GT isn't actually that far ahead of the Viper as many people may think. :flag:
  12. The 6.4L was to have 3 valve heads, which GM says give a 10% boost in HP.
    So based on the LS6 ((405HP / 5.7)* 6.4 = 455HP + 10% for the 3v heads = 500HP)

    Imagine the power a 7.0L with 3v heads would make.
  13. The Viper simply doesn't come that close to the GT in handling. The overall track times aren't close enough to call them equals by any stretch. I'm really waiting for some numbers from the Nurburgring from those cars. Then we'll see who makes the better supercar.

    I don't think we're going to see a 427 LS2 motor, largely because of emissions, but also because of weight. I would rather see them do something a bit more innovative than just bumping displacement anyway. 3V heads are a good start, and integrating the VCT technology they developed for the 3.8 V6 would be nice as well.
  14. The SRT-10 Viper pulls some great skidpad #'s, 1.05g. I'm sure the GT handles better, but the Viper can't be too far behind. I wonder what changes Dodge will make to the Viper in the next few years.

    A 7.0L would weigh almost the same as a 6.0L or 6.4L, it is just different bore and stroke. THe Lingenfelter 427 7.0L V8s are 49 state emissions legal (no CA) I'm sure GM would have no probelm making it 50 state legal
  15. IMO, arguing these two cars is pointless. These are both ultra high performance machines (with the overall nod barely going to the GT, maybe) that are well out of reach for almost all of us. It's like arguing the difference between jumping off an 80 story building and a 130 story building.

    One potential advantage of the GT is resale value. If Ford is really only going to build this thing for 3 years or so, in the volumes they are talking about, you are probably 10 times more likely to come across a Viper than a GT. Combine that with the fact that the GT has a heritage of sorts, and I could see these cars actually appreciating over the next ten years. I don't see that happening with a Viper.
  16. All I know is that I'm saving up $$ for a 06 Cobra or Shelby...
  17. That's right, lets see what FoMoCo will offer up as true performance Mustang.
  18. The main difference between the GT and the Viper is if you see a GT on the better have a camera and take a picture because you can bet your sweet butt you won't see another for a long time. As it is I've seen maybe 5 different Vipers on the road since they've been out. I'm really not expecting to see a GT just out driving around and that will be what puts it over the top. Yeah the Viper is close in everything and is about half the price...BUT the sheer rarity of the GT will have people falling over themselves to look at it for as long as possible.
  19. My friend owns a Ford dealership here in VA and they are getting a GT for winning the presidents award for excellence. he says hes gonna give me a ride in it. I cant wait!!!

    And from everything I've read, there are lots of hints that the V10 may not ever be a mass produced car such as teh 2003 Cobra or whatever but that there are good chances that it will be sold in very limited quantities in some shape or form. Just rumors, but so was the 2005 and look....its in production soon. My friend has an article where they did some of the testing on the new GT motor in a F150. So who really knows.
  20. You think the wife would get mad if I refinanced the house and bought a Ford GT?