Rumor Mill 2006 Cobra

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  1. Nah. And even if she does. Let her drive it once. She'll forgive you. :D
  2. No, then she will take it away, like she did my 97.

  3. i call :bs: on that MT link. it says "advertisement" all over it. so no doubt that it's atleast somewhat biased. and i sounds like it's biased towards the Viper.
  4. The GT isn't meant to go after the Viper market anyway. Thats going to be the job of the new Shelby Cobra.
  5. Yup, The Ford GT is a Ferarri style car at a Ferarri style price built kick some Ferarri but, and it does a good job of it.

    The Viper and Vette are in a different market, but since they are all the top performance car from each American brand, they are going to get compared.
  6. why not just keep the 03, 04 cobra motor. just mod the heck out of it with the kennybell and blow everyone away.
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  8. the sticker price of the new stang will be inline with the current model year....the difference will be no rebates

  9. I agree, I think the current engine should be used but with a twin screw blower. THe current engine is great, I'd hate to see it get phased out so quick, I'd rather see a 425HP Cobra that cost $35K than a 5.4L 500HP Cobra that cost $40K-45K.

    I don't think the 06 Cobra will be over 450HP, that would be stepping on the Ford GTs toes.
  10. well i was readin an issue of MM&FF and they were doing and article about a 351 v-10 in a 99 and were speculating if this would be the next "R" model :banana: it would be sweet
  11. Very cool. Although it looks like this kit is meant as an upgrade for the S/C superchrged dohc v8, not the atmospheric one. Very nice.
  12. Did anyone notice that that Whipple link says the following:

    "That’s right, get the same supercharger that’s utilized on the new Ford GT and the 06’ Lighting and Mustang Cobra."

    Looks to me like they are saying in plain words that this is what will be on the '06 Cobra :shrug:
  13. But remember there are many folks on this board that don't believe things that he Mr. Mays says.

    like the thing about a 300 hp Mustang starting under 20,000. He said that at the biggest autoshow in the country but lots of people don't believe him. So maybe he was wrong about the S/C V8 and really is going to be a V-10

    ***Sarcasim Off***
  14. ford also said that the v10 in the test mustang was just something to play around with and had no purpose what so ever. that turned out to be a bold faced lie
  15. The V-10 they built was done cheaply using parts they were able to borrow from other current engines. The idea of this being to expensive will not be an issue. How much extra would you pay for a V-10? There is definately a market out there for this. Ford has been toying with different things for a while now, but lets face it, the fox couldn't handle it. The new one should be able too.
  16. I think a V10 would be for a Cobra R
  17. Hey, off topic question, how do you like your camaro compared to the Mustang. I've been seeing a lot SS around here for cheap $.
  18. I gave the whole story of the low deck V10 engine on another thread. It absolutely started out as a unapproved project by a handful of engineers.
  19. Spanky442

    What would be more desireable...
    v10 EFI
    v8 supercharged

    By The Way
    Spanky442, what do you have in your 1966 Grand Prix? 428?