Rumor this, Rumor that...BS

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by allcarfan, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Jesus H Christ Ford!!!!

    Rumors, hidden pictures, partial pictures, pictures of the car wrapped out. What do you think you are doing? You are not creating suspense. You are not creating NEW people wanting this car. If anything, you are pissing enthusiasts off. Just show the damn car already or show nothing at all. Screw the rumors on the new engines, how about some confirmation?

    /rant off
  2. Are you interested in purchasing the new model? Why the anxiety?

    Just curious. :)
  3. Im going to (depending on if i like it or not) purchase the 2010 mustang.
    It is very suspenseful but it better deliver, or it will turn away alot of people expecting something extraordinary.

    I want the GT500 motor minus the supercharger. Now! Or the 5.0, whatevs.

  4. actually, yes, I am. However, I am leaning toward the new camaro. Chevy announced it long ago, had pictures, videos, engine specs, etc. However, a 6 series BMW is looking better and better. This "new" mustang better be something extra-super-duper-special.....for all of the hush hushness that Ford is giving it.
  5. That's because Ford doesn't want you to stall you to go out and buy the new Camaro. They figure that you will hold off and wait and not buy the new Camaro until you see the new Mustang. I hope that the 2010 Mustang doesn't look like another oversized and rounded Japanese bar of soap.
  6. I'm not getting a 2010 but I like what fords doing, it's like trying to guess what your Bday present is going to be.
  7. If Ford gets you too excited about a 2010 you may forgo buying a 2009, which they need to sell now so they can be around to give you a 2010. The Camaro story and release delay illustrates that point as GM wasn't sure they could commit to production until the dealers guarranteed sufficient order pledges last year.
  8. From what I have seen so far the 2010 doesn't look to be anything special. Just another styling update on the same platform. I'm sure it will still be better looking than the Camaro or Challenger.
  9. I also wish they would just go ahead and show us the thing.
    Maybe we will get to see it before Ford goes broke.
    Will GM finally produce the Camaro before it goes broke? Another multi-billion dollar bailout should save the day. Where can I apply for some of that money?