Run-flat Tires?

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  1. hey guys. just picked up a slightly used pair of Bridgestone RE050 94V run flats for 120. they are run flats. being a mechanic i know i should have TPMS monitors in the even i pick up a nail, but that wasnt an option on my 88GT! so.... i was wondering if anyone has any experience with these tires on their fox? these side walls are extremely super stiff.

    tires are Bridgestone RE050 RFT 255/40/17 going on the rear
    wheels are '95 cobra r repro 4 lug
    stock suspension w/ poly bushings, no spring isos new kyb shocks

    i needed to get these b/c my current rear tire size was waaay to big 275/50/17 and i caught my fender in reverse out of a drive way and took a sugar cube size chunk from my shoulder/side wall..

  2. ahh, another bmw guy upgraded! Look around on any bmw site and you'll see how much they hate those run flats
  3. i know!! i read the reviews last nights... but i guess its too late!!!!
  4. Run flats usually ride very very hard

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  5. They are also an extreme pain in the ass to install/uninstall. There is a large plastic ring that gets put on the rim on the inside to help when punctured maintain the sidewall.
  6. i have never heard of such a ring. i have installed alot of tires on corvettes and a couple vipers ( im a dodge tech whos owner owns a chevy dealer too) they are such a pain in the ass. and the ride is super harsh but most cars a designed with those tire types in mind.. just didnt know if any stang bangers had them on there rides...

    i was going to install them after work today and found a puncture near the side wall i wasnt gona risk patching.. luckily the guy who sold them to me was willing to give me my money back. better just cough up the doe and get some new tires and leave the used ones alone!
  7. The Acura RLs that I install them have OEM run flats - they have the big plastic rings that usually need to be replaced each time you do tires. You're looking at a $2000 bill every time but I guess when you have a RL who cares.
  8. that sounds like a total PITA ! if you own a new RL 2000 is a regular trip to the stealer-ship..

    i met up with the guy and he gave me mu money back.. that almost never happens with a transaction thru Craigslist... the search is on!