Run in with a 05 Stang GT

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  1. Well I was crusin down the street and looked in my rearview mirror and there it was a Black 2005 Mustang GT. We revved at each other for a little bit, but ended up running each other 2 times. The first time he got a good jump and I was catching up, but had to stop, because of a truck in front of me was turning. The 2nd time we got it we started pretty even, but I put 2-3 cars on him until about 80 or so. Overall it was a nice car and a good race and I think they will be good for consistent high 13's stock, with a few in the mid 13's.

    His car was a 5-speed 2005 GT (stock)
    Mine is a Auto 2002 GT (all bolt-ons and no internal work)

  2. Maybe he didnt know how to shift right
    I just traded in my 02 5 speed for 05 5speed and i can tell that even tho I only have 120 miles on the 05, it's still much faster...

    Its all about knowin how to shift and get the max out of the vehicle,,, keep in mind the 05 has a 300 horse engine, compared to 02's 220 horse

  3. Myabe he was babying it for the first thousand miles like me :D

  4. 220?

    99-04 have 260.

    05's have a 355 gear, and 99-04 have 327's.

    I can't wait to hook up with an '05 on the street. My little 2k isn't going to surprise's going to shock the $hit out of them.
  5. Ummmm No....try 260hp and my car ran a 13.0 in 80* weather, if an 05 can run better than that I give them :nice:

  6. you say you have all bolt-ons and you took him. He had no bolt ons and kept up with you. I would say that sounds about right considering he was stock and most likely under a couple hundred miles still.
  7. Well my car really isn't all that strong runnin from a roll being an auto. It would of been alot worse for him if it was from a stop. Torque Converter helps out alot getting off the line. I just thought a 05 GT with a stick would do better from a roll...I dunno. :shrug:

  8. Sounds like you had some fun. A 40 horsepower difference is not enough to guarantee a win, and that would be assuming stock vs. stock. Driver skill has a lot to do with it, and a little luck helps. You are probably a better driver than the guy you met up with, and it seems your car definitely makes some good power with the bolt-ons.

    I can't wait to meet up with an 05 in my decade old decrepit 95 GT :). It won't be quite the ass-raping that my pullied Cobra would give, but I've opened the eyes of a few people with the 95. Usually 99-04 GT owners who think they're pretty quick :D.

  9. I am not a better driver.. my car is an Auto.. :D

  10. I would say he is probably in the method of breaking his car in. You dont wanna put too much out there too early with these babies. Not saying ur car is slow but there really is no way for us to know if he was really trying or just messing around since we cant ask him.
  11. I talked to him and he said it was a good race and that my car is fast...he was trying. I ran a 13.0 in crappy weather...that is plenty fast to waste a stock 05 GT.

  12. So your saying you would run 12's if the weather was right.... with just bolt ons?
  13. I don't doubt you story, but I am interested.....WHICH BOLT ONS?
  14. Really? What kind of bolt-ons do you have? I would love to get my 04 running that fast.
  15. For the 100th time, 05's have larger diameter tires when you adjust for tire diameters both the 99-04 and 05 MTX have the same effective rear end ratio.

    Also, '05 ATX's have 3.31 rear ends which work out to be effectively 3.13 gears when corrected for the tire diameters (as compared to the 99-04s)
  16. these newer cars dont need to be broken in like the older cars do, they have much much more exacting tolerances, breaking cars in now is just a myth.

    I have run mine hard since day one and i know many other people that have too, and our cars are fine.

  17. My mods are: Densecharger CAI, C&L Plenum, UD Pulleys, TQ Conveter, Headers, some weight reduction and a few other small things. Yes I do plan on running into the 12's anytime now. The weather in Houston is looking nice.

  18. Don't automatic 99-04 GTs put down around 220 rwhp when stock. If that's the case then those bolt-ons are really doing the job - if they allowed your automatic to walk away from what dynos are starting to show to be ~280 RWHP 2005 5-spd GTs....and from a roll? I would have never guessed.
  19. Interesting story, I thought the 05 would walk your car, considering I walk my friends 99 GT with 3.73 5spd and all boltons- off road exhaust with longtubes, and the 05 suposidly is the same amount of power as my 04 Mach :shrug: beats me.
  20. my dad can beat up your dad, without bolt ons!

    Come on guys.