Run in with a 05 Stang GT

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  1. It doesn't matter if it was a Cobra or a Auto GT. I am sure if they both had the same HP, same weight and gearing then they should run about the same time.

  2. Yeah, but they don't!
  3. HUH??? His had somewhere around 300 to the wheels and ran 11's, so it that unbelievable that mine can run a 13.0? I think that you are upset that you have a Cobra and that maybe your car runs nowhere near as fast as my car does.

  4. I've only been to the track once and I need to improve my 60 a good one would be more like 2.00, but the first time I went, best out of 3 runs

    85 Degrees
    Humidity 70%

    R/T- .832 :rlaugh:
    60- 2.255
    330- 5.913
    1/8- 8.838
    MPH- 83.20
    1000- 11.396
    1/4- 13.544
    MPH- 105.1

    Thats in my 5spd 04 Mach, I can't imagine how you pulled off a 13 in your auto GT
  5. That car runs consistent 1.7 60's.

  6. I guess all of these timeslips could just be from anyone?



  7. Are those Home Depot receipts?
  8. you guys are being stupid. Those are all my timeslips...the first picture shows my 13.0 run and a few other low 13 runs.

  9. 02 blk GT, good job! :nice:
  10. I bet his super GT is sponsored ny Home Depot, Tony Stewart has nada on this guy!
  11. Only way he runs 13.0 is if he had those bolt ons + a supercharger.
  12. Your pretty GAY man... :notnice:

  13. S/C here!!!


  14. i don't doubt the 13.0, but the mods to get there. maybe he's hidding he has 4.30 gears, and some serious weight reduction besides all the mods he listed already... no wonder it was so easy to beat that 05 GT :).
    i'm still waiting for that low 13's slip out of any of the new 05 GT's. so far the magazines are winning the contest, unreal :rolleyes:
  15. No...4.30 gears, but I do have some weight reduction as I have said before. No backseat, no swaybar, no spare or jack and draglite rims at the track, but I was on my street tires when I raced the 05 Stang GT.

  16. that's just plain MEAN!
  17. ok guys i believe brandon that he runs 13.0 . i never doubt the heart of a stanger who can prove that they do it. i have seen some rather amazing things myself here in WA with stangs. some guy who has a near stock 5.0 stang pushed his into the upper 12's with just a cam/intake swap (no heads yet), some open LT headers, stickies, and the proven theory that u drive it like you stole it. i thought he was crazy but he punched it down the track into the upper 12's. hell i feel my old 5.0 would lay waste to some stangs with just the supsension mods i did.
    in the end guys, dont be hatin on those who already have their stangs worked up. you will get your day in the sun with the 05's. u already have a line up of exhaust kits coming out and a supercharger! what is to be mad about that he runs 13's? just put your supercharger on and go race him and see if u can win.

  18. That's real nice that you are sticking up for him, but here's the thing.
    One: Not many people believe him so he should just stop.
    Two: Some people believe him, but not about his "bolt ons."
    Three: Maybe by some miracle he did run 13.0, but no one cares anymore.

    Those engine pictures could have been anyones car. Maybe he has nitrous in the trunk or hidden somewhere? Maybe he uses slicks at the track? Like someone stated earlier, the laws of physics are against him. You can't argue with that. I don't believe that he ran 13 flat with only the mods he listed. I think most people feel the same way I do. But serious Brandon, why do you care about what these people think? You never met them so what are you trying to prove? Just give it up. Only you and God know if you truly run 13.0. If you do NICE, and if not, stop lying. And that is that!

  19. Ahhhhhhh no. The rings still need to wear into the cylinder and as the miles go on, the compression will pick up and you will see the times on your new car improve.

    Granted, you won't break your car by running it hard right away like the old days but you have to break it in in order to have the performance at a maximum.
  20. This is what I wrote about a page ago.

    I don't care if you don't believe me..I do have BFG Drag Radials like a have said before and I do have the only mods that I have listed. I am tired of wasting my breath.