Run in with a 05 Stang GT

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  1. I don't understand what the problem is here. He has all the mods needed to get low 13's.

    Let see.

    He is pushing around 250 rwhp <----This is a guess
    Is running about 100 - 150 lbs less then stock a good bit of that is rotating mass (big help) <--- Once again guessing.

    Next he has an after market torque converter and suspension work to transfer the weight to his stick drag radials. (big help)

    13.0 flat no problem with what he has done so get over it. Traction and less rotating mass do wonders for your E.T.

    If you look at his trap speeds you will see he is just a bit faster then most stock 5spd Stangs. So for all you physics majors out there re work your numbers this does not defy physics.

  2. That's not my point. My point is, why are you still posting here and check people's responses? Why do you care that much? If you ran 13.0 flat then you should be one happy dude. I personally don't believe you, but why should that matter? I mean come on man, you had to have expected people would doubt your cliams. Either way, if it's true, rock on. If it's not, we will never know, but we are free to make our own opinions.
  3. Thanks man....Well my MPH will be higher than that if I ever go back to the track with nicer weather. That last timeslip in the 1st pic was before the LT Headers and it was in cold weather and I trapped at 102.98, and with the LT Headers in crappy weather I ran the around the same. So it should be alittle higher when ever I go back. Also dead hooking with a 1.7 60' kinda kills your MPH, that is why stock 5-speeds see a pretty high MPH, because they are more than likely spinning a little bit off the line and plus I got an Auto, so what did you expect.

  4. If you're setting your car up for the 1/4...there are more important things than hp.

    We've got this nut up here that's running a Vortech and 4:10s...and that's pretty much it on the hp front. I think he's putting down about 375rwhp. This is on a 2000 GT.

    But the guys knows how to drive his car...and he's tweaked the the car will launch...and he's running the right tires...with proper inflation for launching. And he drives it like he stole it.

    With those hp mods...everyone is probably thinking somewhere in the 12's right?

    Buddy laid down an 11.6
  5. Just out of curiosity, what was the MPH?
  6. Hmmm, this arguement sounds very familiar. Except the last time I heard it, it was an 87-93 Fox versus a 99-up GT. Same $hit, different pile. The '05's make a little more power, but they're also heavier. And his car does have bolt-ons. I have no problem believing 02 blk GT's claim. Nice kill! Quit the hating guys.
  7. Brandon, with a 60FT like that no wonder why your pullling a 13.00, 1.7 takes some serious skill. I was only looking at your street race from a power point of view not 1/4 mile skill. When you said you walked the 05 its gotta mean you have more power doesn't it? Especially 2nd and 3rd. Don't Bolt on GT's usually trap 98Mph on average??
  8. Well the last time I went to the track, my MPH was in the high 102's, like 102.98 and was in 80* weather with high humidity. When I go back I will run it in the cooler weather and let my car cool down instead of running it right off the street and it should improve 1-2 mph. Hopefully I will get my 12 sec pass next time out.

  9. I forget exactly..but it was around 120mph if I recall
  10. 02 blk gt

    I'm curious as to how high is the stall converter in your car( you said that you replaced th TQ converter ) that might account for the good 60 ft time.

    When I was in high school a friend of mine put a higher stall converter and dropped his 1/8 mile time dramatically at our local dragstrip.
  11. So far the 05 GT is known for not having any top end speed because of its make the conclusions.
  12. Same here. I totally blew off that myth. I've done donuts, burnouts and run it as hard as its little v6 heart will go from a light as often as I get the chance...

    I just hit the 3k mark. Checked the oil and not a single drop had been used. It's Mobil 1 synthetic here on out.
  13. How much will your 1/4 time improve for weight reduction anyways? I was under the impression that for every 100lbs you lose you can improve your 1/4 time by only .1 of second. Is that right? I can't remember where I read that once.
  14. You guys crack me up!!!!

    It's obvious than some of you have this :shrug: knowledge about drag racing!!! I'm totally :rlaugh: about you guys WHP RACING!!! Hp alone does not make a fast car, that's why you see so many ignorants running around with a dyno slip and they don't run near their full potential at the track. Learn the basics about DRAG RACING, before you go flame somebody because he's running quicker at the track with less HP than your 300whp++ stang not geared for the track :nonono: I've seen so many quick semi stock stangs that some of you will only dream about, so think about it before you make yourself look like an idiot on the eyes of the people who really know about racing. Go to the track and practice and don't get fooled by those who think a DYNO SLIP WILL WIN!!! :spot:

  15. BTW do yourself a favor and read, for those who can the Racer Notebook article in Oct 03 MM&FF mag by Evan J. Smith pg.30. This might bring some light for some of you :nice:

  16. 3200 stall