running rich 347

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by dadslx, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. hey im running really rich on my 347 just wondering if a 160 thermastat could cause such a problem?
  2. Yes it is possible...

    Have you pulled the diagnostic codes???

  3. That will cause a bit of a rich condition, whats the combo consist of...engine/fuel system
  4. fuel

    well its pretty basic and i thought that i would be a little short of what i should have.
    24 lb injectors with calibrated maf. sotck lines, sotck rails and stock fpr.
    i just order a afrp and a gauge..what should the pressure be with a 347, tfs tw heads ported, 9:1 c/r, w/ a custom cam .533/.544
  5. Start at 38-39psi....

    No codes???

    Who made the cam???
  6. have not checked codes yet. i'll go to autozone tomorrow for that. the cam was ground by comp cams from what i was told and it was cut for a supercharger in mind.
  7. I would first put a 195 stat in the car then I would drop fuel pressure to 38 and work my way up
  8. What are the details on your 347? Do you have a post w/pics? In process of building my own and looking for some opinions.