Rust Removal - Tools That You Use?

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  1. I just saw a thread requesting ideas about removing rust from various places on the car and remembered that I wanted to share a setup that I found to be great for getting at most of the rust on the car. I just finished a prep job on my 86 where these tools proved invaluable.

    What tools have you use to get at RUST?

    These are MY Favorite Rust Removal Tools - simple but effective.

    The tips change out to those that can get into small spaces.

    Notice the piece of rubber tubing on the shaft, I oil the shaft here and use the tubing as a holding stock while the shaft spins. The oil keeps the shaft from getting too hot in my hand.

    The key piece in this setup is the 12" shaft that is really and extension tool for drill bits etc. It attaches to any hand drill and is secured by a tapered, notched shank. The end that attaches the cup wire brush and other wire wheels uses allen screws to hold the brush shafts.

    What I like most about this setup is that you can apply pressure to the shat while it is spinning to be as delicate or rough as you'd like. I taken off you pretty deep rust with this setup.

    BTW, burr bits could be hooked up as well to burr out or ream out various holes.

    You can get at any of the Box Stores like Home Depot.

    Hope it works for you:neat:


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