Rust Repair Questions

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  1. Gotsome bad rust on my strut towers and rad support, therad support is simple enought. But for my strut towers how would I go about fixing this? Thanks in advance.
    Also if anyone can point me in the right direction for perfomance engine internals id apreciate it, sumit dosent have much for the 3.8
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  2. sand off the rust and paint it. as for the engine and or procharger
  3. thanks for the links, and for the strut towers would i have to weld new metal in? its rusted through
  4. If your strut towers are rusted out then the only way to tackle it is to cut the old out and replace with new or better yet if I were to tackle this I would find a donor car in a junkyard or the like and take the whole front clip and replace it from the donor car. In my opinion that would be the simpliest way of fixing the rust issues and would take care of all the rust issues in one shot.
  5. Its just a couple of small spots its rusted through, and im compitant with a welder. But my big thing is I dont have a place to do more then jack up a car and work on it I dont have a place to swap front clips. I got a gravel driveway and im not sure I got that for any severe length of time
  6. Well if the spots are small enough to patch then go that route, even if your space to play is minimal. But make sure you get all of it while you are at it. Rust is the devel of all evils, and is hard to stop it once it is present. Once you have complete the task of patching, I would go and and buy some spray can or roll-on undercoating to help protect from the elements too.
  7. Pics of strut towers please.
  8. Thanks for the info, ill try to upload pics tomarrow its raining here now