Rust Treatment

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  1. I just bought a 1969 mustang coupe. Very little rust on the car. What is the best to use to neutralize it before I start on the body work? None of the rust areas require panel replacement. It's small spots on the door fronts, bottom of the fenders, the quarter panel bottoms, and the door pillars. Thanks.
  2. if it is just surface film ,try metal prep. you can get it at any paint supply.
    soak the area and scrub with a course skotch brite. wear rubber gloves and eye protection. the matal will look like new. if there is pitting you may have to spot blast. for places where the paint has worn through and there is just a surface rust metal prep will take that right off.
  3. I have some surface rust along with rust thru in some spots. The doors for sure. I'm gonna cut the bad rust spots and put new metal in the place. I want to kill any rust inside the door. Media blasting will work fine. But there's areas I can't get to, like inside the door. So I want to neutralize the rust before it eats away another hole down the road.
  4. As long as you can spray it and keep it wet for at least 15 minutes, the metal prep will kill any surface rust. I use POR15 products, I assume thats what horse sense is talking about.

    White vinegar and distilled water mixed together work pretty good, but not as well as the POR 15 stuff. The rust will turn black whichever way you go, that way you know it worked.
  5. i cant remember if metal prep was 3M or what but it is a blue liquid /acid.
    it actually dissolves the rust leaving shinny clean metal such as a burned through paint area that has rusted.if wiped off while wet it does not leave a coating if left to dry it leaves a grey coat and needs to be wetted again and removed. for surface rust this stuff works great. it will remove very light pitted rust if you can keep it wet and scrub with a course scotch brite.