rusty floor/undercarriage repair advice


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Nov 3, 2018
65-1/2 6cylinder convertible

the car is by no means a rust bucket but when we pulled up the carpet we see certain areas where rust repair is necessary.
i will try to get some pictures but in general some of the problem areas are separation in certain areas where
the floor meets the inner rockers as well as the floor area under in the drivers foot well.

our objective is to sensibly strengthen and patch any weak areas without going into a big money project.
i figured i would buy particular parts as per my body-mans recommendation and use whats needed

is there anyplace in particular i should look for this kind of sheet metal as reasonable prices?

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Sep 30, 2006
Nashville TN
If the floors under the driver foot well are shot...that means your cowl is most likely leaking onto the carpet, which retains the water and makes a rot-rich environment. In are already in for a "big money" project...replacing your floors wont do a bit of good if your cowl is still leaking.


cowls dont have to look horrible to leak like sieves....this is what mine looked like...didnt keep it from destroying my floors.

As for the sheet metal. CJ Pony Parts will give you the cheapeast prices...and most of their "CJ classic" line seems to fit pretty well. NPD will give you the best fitting panels generally, but will cost a bit more.