RUSTY Rear Axle on the New Mustang GAG!

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  1. I bend down on both knees to look under the rear of a New 2010 Mustang GT and, sure enough, the straight axle is covered in RED RUST. Every inch of it. No paint whatsoever. This is a NEW car and it sure is dissapointing to see that (and this is in Cali). Good golly, you think Ford would understand their enthusiasts/buyers and just shoot a coat of primer and black paint or undercoating on it rather than have it look like crap on every new Mustang, year, after year, after year. Very dissapointing. Yes, my purchased new '89 GT was the same way (and I painted the axle when I saw that). Tradition dies hard, I guess.

    Yeah, I know, I'm insane but before you plunk down your hard earned money you really gotta wonder. Wake the ***k up, FORD!
  2. They won't leave metal raw unless it's stainless steel or aluminum. If you don't like the crappy red finish, you're welcome to paint it like your old car.
  3. yeah I noticed the same thing on my 2010 Mustang,I was a little ****ed.I also have a 2006 Toyota 4Runner with no rust at all on the axle,Its actually painted.I guess im a little ****ed I got to paint my axle on a $30k car.:notnice:
  4. What did you expect, it's cast iron? It has no bearing on its function. Take a look at any engine block that isn't aluminum and I bet you find bare, rusty cast iron, too.
  5. The new GT will be $33,000+ so the dang thing needs to look better than having a solid coating of red rust on the rear axle. Just because it's iron doesn't mean it shoudn't be painted/coated.

    Demand better. No one wants to see THAT under their NEW car.

    Are you defending the right of the Ford Motor Company to provide a shoddy effort? Complaints get action. If no one says anything they just continue to keep their hands in their pockets, whistle, and stare at the ceiling.

    P.S. The new GT engine is all aluminum.
  6. I'm sure they'll be happy to coat it, and pass the cost along to the consumer. I'll take a rusty axle housing instead. :shrug:

    I'm defending the right of Ford Motor Company to do whatever they want, if it keeps the customers happy and buying cars. They're the only American automaker that's actually making money at the moment, and I'd like to see it continue to do so.
  7. I dont think it will cost much more to coat the axle bell housing,I dont see rust on other cheaper cars,I just dont like it.Ford can do better its ugly.:notnice:
  8. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the rear axle "pumpkin", but it was the WHOLE axle from one side to the other. You would not see this red rusty icon on ANY other new car, foreign or domestic. They are ALL painted/coated in black.

    I'm trying to help Ford out by showing a large/cheap/easy way to portray a quality product (or at least as good as everyone else) as opposed to that eyesore underneath.

    I noticed the new Ford pickups and vans have their straight axles coated and probably only because they are very visible from the rear.

    Beautiful engine

    Rear axle cheapness, major FAIL.
  9. the cost of coating a part (that 99% of owners will never see) is millions of dollars.
  10. I don't care about Ford's cost,I just dont want a rusted axle.Is that so bad.If the car gets too expensive (like the Camaro)then I just won't buy it.:)
  11. Exactly, and that is why they don't paint the axle. They can save millions of dollars and like the other guy said most people won't see it. Some of the people that do, won't care. The rest can paint or have it painted.

    Personally, I would rather see it painted, but if Ford is the only company making money there are probably several good reasons. One of which is not painting the axle on the Mustang.

    Chevy can paint the Camaro axle all day and when Ford comes out ahead and isn't taking a bailout, guess who I'm sticking with???
  12. Your right,this is the reason I bought a Ford,I have been a Chevy fan for a very long time,until they stole billions of dollars from the taxpayers,this is my first Mustang and overall I am very pleased with the car and the company.I drove the Camaro and what a piece of crap,build quality is no better than the Aveo,hard to see out of,and a list of other issues,so yeah I have to admit I would rather deal with rust on the rear axle rather than buy GM. I am a new ford owner and proud of it.:nice:
  13. Ok seriously? Wasn't there a thread a few months ago with someone crying about the exact same thing? Painting that costs money, that they pass on to us the consumer. How many of the average car consumers do you think actually get under their car and look at that? I bet it's a pretty small number. Hell I changed my oil and saw some, but who cares, it doesn't make the car slower or handle worse. If it bothers you spend a weekend sanding and painting it and then stop worrying about it. My 05 did the same thing. And guess what....I didn't care. And I was under that car much more often. Besides, I live in a city where the average humidity is over 60%, I could care less what the underside of my car looks like, it doesn't even affect trade in value. Personally, I may paint the next one I buy, just for fun and something to do. I always enjoyed doing things "myself" if you know what I mean. Makes your car YOUR car, because you worked on it.
  14. Its not just the axle but the entire frame that rusts up. It is butt ugly, but a fun project to coat with Eastwoods Rust Convertor. It's not a big deal now, but as an owner of a rusty 67 Mustang, I encourage you all to get under there and fix it for your grandchildren's sake.:D:D
  15. 10 Rusty Axles

    Well thanks, @#*$% I was happy with my new 10 GT until I read this!!
    Just kidding. I believe that a great majority of car owners, Mustang included, don't care what the underside of their car looks like. Many don't care what the engine compartment looks like either. I guess those of who do just have to rectify the problem.
    Unfortunately $30K for a car is more common than not these days. I remember when I bought my '68 Corvette. The convertible was cheaper than the coupes. Now one a pays $5K premium for a Mustang Convertible.
    OH Well..................
  16. About how much it would cost at the average shop to have the axle and underbody painted and coated?
  17. Ok,,I care, I want it right from all angles, and yes my 2010 was rusty too, so as usual I got some paint and painted it,,
  18. the one thing missing from all this is a question. Why does Ford neglect to paint the axle?
    Could it be to allow the cast metal to temper and age? Rolls Royce does that with their engine blocks for at least 2 years.
    I would be interested in the answer, is there a valid reason or just cost savings. Yes my 06's is rust orange.
  19. I heard once that the axles are built elsewhere, shipped on open rail cars and stored outside until needed. To rectify this Ford would either have to pay the original manufacturer (or their facility) extra to paint them, or strip the rust and paint it at the assembly plant.

    We can, leave it, paint it, or if we hate it that much don't buy the car. Ford would get the message if no one buys their product. But we do, so why would they change it ?
  20. Seriously who cares? It's not a show car, it's meant to be bought and driven. That undercoating stuff doesn't last as long as the car will. I changed oil for two years and was looking at the underneath of cars, even the ones that having coating from the factory flake off and rust. The only time rust like that is going to bother me is on a lifted truck that you can see it on. It's not going to hurt the car.