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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by wht99gtconv, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I have a question about how much horsepower I have to the rear wheels. Does anyone have about the same mods as me. Generation 2 FIPK air intake, accufab 70mm throttle body, accufab plenum, steeda pulleys, steeda TA, plasma booster, borla cat-back, bbk x-pipe, steeda tri-ax, and 3.90 gears. Also any opinions on what I should next.
  2. i would guess you have somewhere around 260 rwhp/290 rwtq
  3. maybe some better tires and some suspension work.
  4. yea about 260-265hp sounds about right. can't wait till i have that much power.
  5. one word,supercharger 350+hp.
  6. Yea, my tires suck. My car want do anything but spin.
  7. Thanks for the #s. What do you think I can do against my friends stock except for gears 98 cobra.
  8. what gears does he have, and is it a vert?
  9. Maybe around 260 rwhp... The guy in the linked thread has long tubes, P&P plenum, o/r x, catback, and pulleys and pulled an SAE 260rwhp.

    Long tubes give a real nice gain, maybe the 70mm tb, plenum and TA help you there.
  10. He said 4.11s
  11. I thought it was 410+hp :p

    Oops, thats a slobra