Ryan218 Progress thread..lots o pics.

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  1. Great Job Keep it up
  2. 88mustang024.jpg
    i like that pic^^^


    also got a new drivers door panel....the backing of mine was ate up and rotten..


    i also found a mac prochamber and some flows for 125...i think im gonna pick that up since its cheap for my stang....im tired of my turbos....had them on all 3 of my cars so far..lol

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  3. my 88 t-top is in the garage stripped and ready to go to the bodyshop this winter to get the rust issues resolved then i'll post pics as well on the restoration.i'm almost twice your age and would never have attempted this kind of project when i was your age.keep up the great work and don't get discouraged.

  4. thanks...ive always wanted a mustang and i wanted to build one myself....i figure right now i have plenty of time but not alot of money :( so far i have about 2,600 in it which i dont think is bad as for i paid 1,600 for it...so far 1,000 has went into it a new top getting it running and to where the body sits right now....

    whats safe to use to clean the inteior since its dyed?
  5. I use turtle wax vinyl/ rubber/ leather cleaner. Works great
  6. i hear ya on the turbos, they sound nice but after a while they leave you wanting something a little more angry
  7. yeah i hear ya...

    i found a set of flows with a mac prochamber for 125 thats about an hour drive from me that i wanna get...
  8. is your interior dyed?
  9. lookin good man, keep it up
  10. flows suck and everyone has them. keep an eye out for some spintech pro streets. They sound wicked and cost the same as the flows. ebay usually has some good deals on them.
  11. +1

    I love my spintechs.
  12. for 125 i dont care if it comes with stock mufflers...its manily the pro chamber i want..im still undecided on what mufflers i want. :nonono: ..im picky
  13. ultraflows ftw!
  14. I love mine as well... Hard to describe but the car sounds mellow and deep down low. Then at about 2300 RPM or so it gets real loud and raspy till about 3000-3200 and then when it opens up through the high RPMs they scream! Granted I have LTs and an OR X, but they should sound good with a Prochamber.

    We have a car with a Prochamber and Flowmaster catback sitting outside. Sounds good, but typical!

  15. well since nobody can copy anyone your all outta luck :D

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  16. I've got them on the car in my sig...x pipe...no cats for '73 :D...and Hooker headers. Sounds incredible all the time!! Especially at WOT!!
  17. tribars FTW

    I'm still holding out for fr500's or bbs rk's

    black waffles with a silver lip might be a step away from the ordinary
  18. cool
  19. ya too far away from ordinary lol

    The first was at my house and then the second was in Groveport