S.D. dudes, The Q ?

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by L8 MUSL, May 26, 2004.

  1. Hey, maybe we should all get together on a Friday night at the Q for some hangin and some 1/8th mile action?
    I know I know, the track, the crowd, the waiting, the rice.
    But, it could be fun. It's fun to bring passengers and scare your girlfriends/wifes (heck bring em both).
    There is this Friday night and then the next one is June 25th. We could shoot for that maybe?
    Just an idea. :shrug:
  2. Can't this friday, maybe the 25th though.
  3. I should be able to make it, but I'll need more info
  4. i am usually there i race my SVo
  5. I can't this friday either..going out of town for a graduation..but 90% of the time I don't have plans on a friday night so I am down for going to race a bit. Now I just need to buy a helmet :)
  6. The Q

    the 25th would be better for me too :D

    Fred :flag:
  7. OK, so let's try to make it happen on the 25th.
    That will give us all a chance to get it together. It'll give Pierre time to get his car ready to kick our butts. Fred time to decide which car he wants to use to kick our butts and the rest of us time to practice launching at every green light in town.
  8. damn wheelhop :notnice:

    at least i have time to get gears put in :D
  9. I dont even want to see what I run with the 2.73s in. :lol:
  10. low 12's probably :D

    want my 3.27's lol
  11. The 25th

    It will be the Cobra ! I will try to run respectible times with it. It's a **** to launch :lol:

    Fred :flag:
  12. Low 12's in the 1/8th? That's harsh.
    Those 3.27's could be a good compromise if you like that top end but want a little more get up and go.
  13. At least then I could say I drive a 12 second car. ;)

    My car needs all the get up it can get, hehe. Maybe the 4.10s sitting in my closet will help with this problem... :D

    Who needs top end? :shrug:
  14. i need top end :( so those stupid NSX's don't beat me anymore. i lost to 2 in a row last night on the 5 South. grrrrrrrrr!
  15. :mad: A little forced induction will take care of that.
    plus some lower (higher numerical) gears allow your car to use it's powerband (well, it does my car anyway) :rolleyes:
  16. Is your car an auto? if so, through those puppy's in there!
  17. well hopefully the twin turbo kit will be able to go in at the end of the summer..and i am going to try to get my gears installed next week, 3.73's :D
  18. Nope, 5spd. Yes, I know what I'm getting into with 4.10s. :)
  19. I use 4.10, 5 speeds trans and I have a Kennebell on top of that :banana:
  20. Thanks for giving me time to have my car ready, very kind of you all.
    Unfortunatly, I will open a can of woopa- - :D