S.D. dudes, The Q ?

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  1. Dohhh. And i was thinking my tires are actually getting really bad. So a set of new ones im sure would grip alot better. Of course, it all makes sense to me lately since im gonna have to shell out $$ for new tires to go ahead and get some 18"s :D How does that evil power laugh get typed? muah ha ha ha <--is that close? (of course talk is cheap so well see :D )

    Do you get wheel hop even without much mods? Maybe that ol 5 liter had a few mods up his sleeve...
  2. hahahahaah yea i get wheel hop without mods even. 270ish rwhp will do that for an IRS car. the 5.0 sounded like it had a pair of Rustmasters and thats probably it because after I got traction, I was GONE. When I'd shifted to second, I was 4 car lengths ahead. :D
  3. Niice :nice:

    Wait till i get the flowbee induction installed man. you'll be eatin my dust :jester:

    That reminds me, had to put a lil ol eclipse back in his place, who cut me off right before the red light to turn and get on the freeway on the way home from work. :D
  4. Ricer hood :rolleyes:
    Oh man.
    I have your cell # so I'll call you when I'm there (If I can't see you, just in case you park with the other cab drivers).
    If you get those gears in today and drive the thing around the next couple of day's, you should be good to go Friday night.
  5. :D yea its unpainted...and it's on your car..if that doesn't fit the definition, i don't know what does. :jester: j/k.

    call me up when you get there, cause us cab drivers like to stick together, to ward off all you mean yellow haters. :rlaugh:
  6. son of a ****. see the thread i posted for a full explanation of why i wont be racing or dyno'ing my car.
  7. Oh man, they're droping like flies!
    The last time I went there I went by myself :(
  8. lol I'll still be there Bill, I promise. :)
  9. Bill,
    tomorrow is looking good for me :D

    Fred :flag:
  10. Well, I'm not going to get a chance to go borrow that set of drag radials that Pierre so graciously offered to loan me, So I guess I'll be doing the street tire spin. :(
  11. Couple of quick questions here...

    What entrance do people take or does it matter? I will be coming in from Friars road from the west...

    Do I just take the big wide entrance (the far corner with all the lanes) not sure how else to describe it, i guess the farthest west entrance off Friars and then just head down to where the crowd is at? :shrug:
  12. No, that is actually the drag strip (the end of it).
    Go east to the next main entrance and follow the crowd around the stadium.
  13. i got my car back, so look for a yellow cobra :) i'll try to get there between 730 and 800 tonight.
  14. That must be a relief.
    Now, who are you goin to have put those gears in for you?
    If you want, I have a great place in O-side. Quality, trustworthy, tons of experiance. They even put your wheels back on when they're done.
  15. LOL :rlaugh: Actually I had JBA put them on yesterday. I figured since I was already there, and since they have a great reputation, I might as well do it right the second time. And they burned a chip for me too. :D
  16. I guess I didn't realize they did custom chips there.
    You just got yours done for the gears right?
    I will have to talk to them about burnning one for me so that I can get rid of my FMU and timming retard.
    hmmmm, interesting.

    So, how do the new gears feel?
    Any vibrations?
  17. Yes Bill, they can help you out with all of that, and Bruce will be there tomorrow to the best of my knowledge so you can talk to him about burning you a chip.

    The gears feel actually really good. Obviously i havent gotten on the car yet because I am still breaking them in, but its very noticeable. I don't know if I'd notice the chip on it's own though. There is no vibration, no noise, nothing at all abnormal from the rear, so I am totally satisfied.
  18. Thats good news :D

    What wheel are you using in the meantime?
  19. Bill,

    You should also see a nice hp gain from a custom chip. I gained 23rwhp with mine along with some peace of mind regarding a/f ratios across the power band. I was always worried that my FMU or BTM might go south at some point and lean out the engine.
  20. Thanks Bill :nice: I will see y'all tonight :D