S.D. dudes, The Q ?

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  1. Ya, I'm not going tonight. I'll probably get off of work around 7 or 8 but I still need to fix a couple things on the stang before dyno day tomorrow and run some other errands.
  2. I am using the busted one, I talked to Bruce and the techs at JBA and they felt it was ok to drive for a week on the wheel, and tomorrow I am going to strap some DR's on before the dyno run so that I'll have peace of mind when its being run up.
  3. Yeah, I know.
    The way my car is et up right now it is running fat/safe so I'm sure I am leaving plenty of hp on the table.
    John, what size injectors and fuel pump do you run?
  4. Bill:

    I've running 30# injectors with a 255gph Walbro pump in the tank (no external pump). Have a great time at the Q tonite! Watch out for the ricers. See you all tomorrow morning. :)

  5. OK, thanks.
    See you then.
  6. Man, was that a zoo or what?
    still had fun but next time I'm getting there as early as possible to get some runs in.
  7. i had a great time. and next time I want to race too! i wonder if they allow barbeques there..we could do a bbq deal where we race and then eat or something...
  8. That's a good question, Do a tailgate party :shrug:
    Next time I'm going to get there early (before 6:00) and be waiting for the gates to open so that I can get some runs in and then hang (tailgate) and watch.
    The next race dates are July 9th, 23rd, and 30th.
    All Friday nights.
  9. Hmm..well should we try to make it another gathering or just have it as BYOF?
  10. Well, we need to get a hold of someone to find out if the Tailgate thing is allowed, and then I'd like to see Pierre get his car ready to go and then we need to hit it again,(EARLY!)
  11. yea i want to see Pierre run his beast! :D
  12. That tailgating idea sounds fun. I will try to remember to call them up tomorrow and ask them if its okay that we do that. I dont really see why not. I went to their website. http://www.racelegal.com . It doesnt really say anything about it or have an e-mail, but they have a phone number. I will call them and ask about it. :nice:
  13. awesome JJ..even if we have to bring pre-cooked food, like subway or Pat & Oscar's, it can still be a lot of fun to tailgate down there. since its a friday too, those of us who want to can go to a bar after for a beer or something.
  14. Solid idea about the afterwards beer too :D . I will try to Call and then ill post about it.

    BTW you are talking to the guy with made the winning bid on eBay for a set of those 18X9 and 18X10 Bullitt Replicas on Saturday. :banana: :banana:

    Found out today, probably will be another month or two before i afford those dang tires :rolleyes:
  15. :rlaugh: when you are ready, check out the discount tire down on mission gorge road and talk to garret grosch (sp). thats where JBA recommended I go when I needed a tire for my GT.
  16. JJ, those wheels will look awesome on your car!
    Beau, go here http://www.airflowonline.com
    and look under "rubber hoses and clamps" for those clamps we talked about.
    If you order from those guy's, you will see it in 2 to 3 days.
    That's where I bought my intake stuff. good site.
  17. Thanks Bill, do you remember what design you were referring to?
  18. Beer? I'm in :D
  19. Well, the one at the top of the page is the type we were talking about (the "T" nut style) but the one at the bottom of the page, the "constant torque" style is interesting?
  20. I like that T nut one..I think I'll have to order it. :D