S.D. Stangers. Lets do a GTG at the Q on Friday, Sept. 10th.

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  1. Alrighty folks. Wanted to get this posted, to give people some time to get ready for a night of BBQ'n and racing down at the Q.

    Everyone is welcome to cruise. The more the merrier, we are not a club. So if you wanna swing by our Easy-up's and kegs ..oops I mean coolers full of soda. You are more than welcome. :D

    We are gonna have some ladies from Pure Platinum show up and there will be a wet T-shirt contest, capped off with topless KY wrestling...So come on down and show your Support!


    Kidding about that last part...had ya going eh? :jester:
  2. You're my boy BLUE!!!

    I'm there JJ. :nice:
  3. Anybody else???
  4. Possibly. Depends how late I'm at work till. I might just want to go home and :sleep: (read: :cheers: ) :D
  5. Count me in. :damnit:
    (that was just for effect)
  6. :lol: :lol:
  7. I'm in.
  8. Sorry, I will be on a Ship sailing back to San Dog Friday Night....

  9. Too bad you can't make it Ken. Would love to drool over that Mystichrome for a bit. :drool:

    Sounds like your going to be having some though. Will have other events And was I reading something about an 05 Mustang in your future??? :cheers:

    Anyone else?? C'mon and dont be shy. Beau (90stanglx) said if this thread got to more than five pages, he would make a pass in reverse down at the races :nice:
  10. Right on man :nice:

    Trying to think. if you have made any other events, that I have not been to :scratch:

    Either way, welcome. We will be organzing up some grub and Barbeq-ables when the time draws near. :flag:
  11. You know if I wasn't leaving on the 1st I'd be there with my very own tube of KY, a pair of old boots, a baseball glove, and a backpack. and thats about it.

    Clutch went out on the stang this past weekend. Having it changed out tomorrow. Going with the Centerforce Dual Friction. Replacing the Flywheel with a FMS Billet Steel one. The CF clutch is 150 bucks cheaper through Summit than through the CF website. I knew Summit had good prices but DAMN!!!!

    I know its been awhile since I posted so just wanted to say hey.
  12. maybe i'll have a lightning by then :D
  13. Hey...Where is Fred? :shrug: :shrug:
  14. Hey Jason, How you been?
    I had a slight case of strep last week. it sucked!
  15. Man! I'm gonna be jelous! I've been on the fence for a few years now about buying one.
    I have never driven one! You have to let me take it for a spin if you get it. You're looking at an 01 right? wasn't there some kind of issue corrected in 02? have you done your homework?
  16. Oh man, I test drove one the other day.....WOW it was badass. The issue I think you're referring to is 00's and below can shoot the spark plugs out of the motor because the threads aren't drilled very deep or something, which was corrected in 01 and above, from what I understand. The one I am looking at right now, black 01 with 28k miles, is freaking gorgeous. And ya, I'll let you take it for a spin :)
  17. I am stressed out with the move coming up and pissed about the clutch but Big Brown Truck comes in today so hopefully I can get it up and running by Friday to get those break in miles taken care of.
  18. What time does this start, what do I need to bring?
    Sounds like alot of fun. :D
  19. I'm here J.J.
    I have been working my balls off the past month. will be at the Q that night with my 89' gt :nice:

    Fred :flag:
  20. Racing starts at 6pm I believe, but you have to pass through tech first. As for what to bring, I think we're going to make a menu and just have people bring stuff from there.

    Guys, last time was great with the brats and chicken, should we add some more stuff like burgers, salad, chips, cookies :)D), potato salad, etc etc?