S.D. Stangers. Lets do a GTG at the Q on Friday, Sept. 10th.

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  1. Making me a very happy girl! :D
  2. :lol: :lol: you crack me up. :) sadly, i'm more materialistic than altruistic, so i'd need some tangible to come from it. but its a nice thought :spot:
  3. I wish I lived in So-Cal its so boring here in Nor-Cal, and the chicks arn't as hot.....
  4. We have too much fun really. Thats all I can say.
  5. Whats all this fun your having? :banana:

    Tell us more. :D

  6. the driving, the...well..driving..and stuff...is fun!!! and then we eat bbq'ed food too and make fun of ricers...and eat cookies! :D
  7. I think making fun of ricers is alot of fun! :nice:
  8. he guys................and girls! What's been happening? Haven't been here a while., I see we have a bigger crowd? What's going on and when do we meet again? Are there any races at the Q or is it over for the season? we will soon have a new 1/4 mile track, I mean new, never used, in Banning.

    Finally put the KenneBell to rest and went with my old set up on the car plus a surprise under the hood, can't wait to try it......Oh and btw, the Kennebell, injectors and MAF are 4 sale. :spot:
  9. Pierre, what up man :D

    Are you gonna make it down to the Q, a week from this Friday???
  10. You and I think along the exact same lines. :nice:
  11. Hey, I just moved from Oceanside to Vista but missed out on the Carlsbad scene. Tell me more about this new track in Banning? I drive thru there going to Palm Springs and it would be great to be able to stop off and do some racing...

    I just looked at racelegal.com and there are 10 dates between Sept 10 to Dec 10th... Woohooo!!!! :nice:

  12. Chris are you planning on coming with us next week? :)
  13. Oh, hell yeah. I raced there a couple weeks ago (my first time) and I'm hooked... Let me know if I can bring some grub etc...
  14. LOL ok, JJ will make a thread or post in this one a food list and we'll figure out who all can bring what.
  15. Damn..put the cobra up for sale today on the autotrader.com website. :nonono: I'm gonna miss it :(
  16. So, what exactly is the plan? :shrug:
  17. sell the cobra, buy a lightning if i can find a good one, if not, buy a beater till the 2007 cobra comes out.
  18. That's a good plan :nice:
  19. thanks :) i just hope i dont miss the cobra too much :(

    btw: the hotel i'll be staying at doesn't do the special, but thank you anyways!
  20. I think the only thing you will miss is the back seat, and that depends on how much you've used that.
    You ARE going to like smoking ricers and Cameros in a truck!
    Oh, and I vote for black or red, not silver :puke:

    As far as the friends and family thing, did you check on the other hotels near by? I can't believe they didn't have something for you. after all, WHO in their right mind wants to go to Austin in September :shrug: