?s on y2k Cobra R wheels and tire size...

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  1. Lately, I've taken an interest on getting the 18 X 9.5 y2k Cobra R wheels. However, I've heard a couple "horror" stories from a few ppl who decided to plus size their wheels, from the stock 17 X 8s, and that has me worried a bit. Anyway, my questions are:

    1. I understand some ppl had problems with the front wheels rubbing. Seems to be a more common case especially if the car was lowered. However, mine is stock height, so will I be okay with such a large width (9.5) in the front, or not?

    2. What tire size/s would you recommend? I still haven't learn to fully understand the size numbers. I'd prefer a size that won't throw off my speedo.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
  2. Tire Size Calculator

    You will be fine at stock ride height. It looks better lowered though. I would not go any wider then 265/35/18 in the front when lowered. The backs are a different story. ride quality on less then perfect roads goes down the tubes if any wider in the front. speaking from experience...
  3. Ahh, just what I need!

    EDIT: err, maybe a chip ain't such a bad idea. -_-; Might as well get 4.10 gears while I'm at it too.
  4. I'm running 275X40X17 on the front, and it's lowered with H&R supersports - I have no rubbing or problems of any kind!
  5. I have the 18 X 9's with Eibach springs and have no problems what so ever. I would go 265 up from and 285 in the rear if I was to do it again.
  6. I wouldn't go any wider than a 9" wide rim up front with 265-275 tires. Free game out back.
  7. I have 265/40 18 all the way around with the bullit suspension and no problems at all :nice:
  8. i have 265/35 18 on 18 x 9's with no rubbing problems. I'm at stock ride height.(4x4 look :nonono: )
  9. So does no one ever run a 275/35 in the front? Pictures would be great.

    Also what brand is everyone running. A 265/35 looks a little stretched on the rim.

    I was wanting 275/35s Nitto NT555s on all 4 corners so I could rotate.
  10. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=399838

    I have 275/35/18 Cobra R's on all 4-corners. No rubbing problem or anything at all, just that the steering in the front feels a little slow..but it's fine. I just need to the wheels balanced this week.
  11. Also, hey ~B7~, you got a nice car! I'd def. go with Silver Cobra R's! It'll look niceeeeeeeeeee!
  12. I have 275/35/18 on 18x9.5 rims

    see pic

  13. I have 18" Y2K's and I do experience rubbing on the right front wheel when turning hard right turns, and my car is lowered (although it did rub before the springs). I have 275's on the rear and 245's up front.

    As for tires, I would recommend a thinner tire up front and a meatier tire out back. Stay small up front as to not hinder handling and big out back as to encourage as much traction as possible (already decreased traction due to the rim size). It really depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. Wider tires cost more :shrug:
  14. ..oops as for the rubbing thing ...with the 275s up front and a 2 inch drop I do rub a little in a full lock turn...so I just dont crank the wheel all the way anymore.