S197 Spark Plug Install

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  1. For this job you will need the following tools:

    a 7mm socket, a short extention and a ratchet for removal of the Coil.

    a 14mm socket, 12 inch extention and a ratchet for removal of the Plug.

    Compressed air to blow out any debris

    The torque spec on the plugs is 25 lb/ft

    The torque on the coil packs is 44 lb/in

    I also had a old home made tool that made removing the loosened plugs easy, it was simply a old wire boot assy. from a first generation 4.6L check you spare parts bin or make a quick stop by the repair shop and talk nice to one of the guys to score a old plug wire of anything like a crown vic, or even a mid 90's Civic will work.

    1) unplug the coils (I found it provided more work room to unplug the fuel injectors as well) the wires are short enough to only reach there proper cylinder.
    black connector for coil pack and grey wire for fuel injector.
    (Black connector=Black Coil) I found it also made #5 easier to remove the EVAP line from just behind the thottle body (push the green tab 45 deg or so and pull).

    2) Remove the 7mm bolts from the coil packs (note the tab next to the bolt hole and how it fits to the manifold)

    3) Gently pull the coil pack up, it will pop of the plug

    4) Blow out the spark plug bores to prevent cylinder comtamination

    5) Using the 14mm socket set up loosen the plug (they are rather tight fro the factory)

    6) use home made tool to retreve the plug

    7) Install the plug (gaped to your spec) with same home made tool, you can get the treads started with the tool.

    8) run down the plug and torque to 25 lb/ft

    9) install coil be sure to position the tab noted in step #2 torque bolf to 44 lb/in

    10) reconnect the 8 coil plugs and 8 injector plugs remember black plug to black coil and grey plug to fuel injector and the EVAP line on the left side

    11) recheck your connections and enjoy :)

    The torque specs came right out of the Ford manual, there is no ref to using anti-seze.