S197 Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

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  4. Thanks. guys I just used this forum and found something that is wrong with my car.
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  8. the TSB list has been updated. be sure to check in and see if any new ones apply to yor vehicle. :nice:
  9. what to do permanent post

    I told the service dept at Bob Hurley Ford in tulsa about TSB 6-9-9 and that i was having the problem it described, but they don't seem to think its there problem. The GM called me this morning and spoke to me for a short while before losing his composure (at which point I terminated the call).

    1. Is there a thread or article on the process to take when getting a TSB issue fixed>?

    2 Does Ford Motor CO have a customer serice number or a number to call about individual Dealerships?

    This Dealership is something else. And I need to get this issue taken care of.
    Also, although my car fits the description of tsb 6-6-9, when I went to

    it said there were no recalls for my car. 3 .Are recalls just for more urgent type issues or what?
  10. TSBs are technical service bulletins that are issued by a mfg. to correct known issues. They are considered limited harm mechanical defects that require correction. It is not a "free" fix. In other words, if your car is out of warranty you will have to pay for the correction.

    Recalls are issued by the mfg. usually after there has been an investigation from the NHTSA. These are mandatory and all owners must be notified. Also, vehicles that come in for service for other items must have the recall performed. They are usually transferable and have no statute of limitation on the time frame to perform the correction. Recall corrections must be paid for by the mfg.

    If you have a issue with your vehicle, you can certainly file a complaint with the NHTSA at this link: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/

    Here is a link to Ford that provides you information for contacting Ford.

    Good Luck.
  11. Outstanding. Thanks for your help. It's a shame the Mr Hurley was such an arrogant ass to me today; he could've explained this. I guess I need to find my extended warranty papers now; I didn't realize I needed the warranty to fix tsb issues. And thanks mostly for the contact info; I doubt my Hurley is going to do a thing without some external prompting. (mr Hurley is the GM at Bob Hurley Ford in Tulsa OK)
  12. No problem. Once you find those extended warranty papers check to see if the contract terms require that you use the selling dealership for the service. If it does, you may want to contact the warranty TPA and advise them of your dispute. They may approve you to take it to another affiliated service shop.

    Trust me, most of us here have had our run-ins with those types of GMs.
  13. updated today with a new one. :nice:

    there have been several additions since it was originally posted. please check for any that may be applicable to your car.
  14. TSB Update

    It appears that the TSB list has not been updated in some time as the last number listed indicates it was issued in '08. I know there are more out there. Will there be an update or where is the best place to get them?
  15. Let me see if we can get an updated list. I will update this thread if/when we get the updated information. :nice:
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  17. Updated with what we have. Not sure if we are missing any right now or not.