S197 Weight Reduction

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  1. I've been reading a lot of complaints about the fact that our cars are pretty heavy, as they come from Ford.

    Aside from taking out the Spare Tire and the rear seat, what are some legitimate strategies for some meaningful weight reduction?

    (I'm betting that there are very few)
  2. Removal of:

    1) Wiring
    2) Noise Insulation
    3) Carpeting
    4) Extra lighting / spare bracketry
    5) Smaller diameter rims / tires
    6) 1-piece driveshaft made out of aluminum
    7) lightweight mufflers?
    8) No power windows, HVAC systems, Radio / speakers...
  3. GT drivers could also go to the V6 brakes.

    I'm not holding my breath waiting for anyone to do it though ....

    most people just ****.
  4. i can think of lots, but it depends on how much stuff you feel comfortable removing. some weight reduction can come from some of the saftey features built into the car, but i would not feel safe driving the car after it.
  5. that's why I put the word "legitimate" in the preface .....

    no one is going to take their carpet out unless the car is 100% set up for the track!
  6. there are many aftermarket parts designed to eliminate weight. if you can live without sway bars (i would not for a street car), then you can d the radiator support/swaybar delete conversion. driveshaft, other tubular lightweight suspension parts, etc. are all commonly available parts that reduce weight.

    if you want free weight reduction, you will have to sacrifice some creature comforts.
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  7. yep, for go-fast go-straight cars its easy ... but if you have a daily driver its not.

    there's a reason that these cars weigh in @ 3,330+ lbs /// that's my point.
  8. Items you can do in a DD would be.


    All of the other ones... well we need those.
  9. I myself could go for removing the back seat and modifying it so that resembles the GT concept car from '04... It is pretty useless other than storing a few things on a ride someplace. I squeezed my girlfriend in the front with me and her 2 boys in the back(ages 10 & 13) going on a 10 mile ride...CRAMPED!!!!!
    Added bonuses of the rear seat being gone-more trunk space AND quite possibly LOUDER exhaust!!!!!!!

    P.S. It's a shame they did not keep the S197 a 2 seater hatchback design. What % of us use the backseat to carry people anyways?????
  10. I put my 2yr old and 7yr old back there. They fit fine for now. Or my 7yr old and his soccer ball.
  11. Aluminum Driveshaft, light weight clutch and aluminum flywheel, K-Member with motor mounts, stainless steel headers could shave off some weight, and some shocks/struts and springs will shave off 20lbs together...
  12. I didnt get the shaker or a rear spoiler.

    The next best thing is dont add a bunch of useless weight. Look at all the threads that people post about the "cool" mods they found. Nothing more than alot of expensive, useless weight.
  13. I saw on Stillen.com carbon fiber door skins and rear decklid...pricey($2240 for the doors and $640 for the decklid), but...you gotta pay to play...
  14. Check out my Garage (the 05 GT, for weight reduction) I was able to remove over 150 lbs.:D
  15. a carbon fiber hood may be a cool way to go. certain suspension components, like someone said, are probably lighter (and cooler again). the alum. D/S should be a lower weight and perf. mod. Also, an aluminum flywheel. lightweight wheels (BBS for example) can help.

    besides that, I think you're looking at comfort components or more complex mechanical ones.
  16. Thought this would be cool to put on this thread found it at the 40collective site. Give weights of various REMOVABLE components of the s197.

    Shaker 1000 headunit, speakers, rear speaker brackets & sub - 56.4lbs
    driver and passenger door panels - 12.8lbs
    plastic backseat side panels - 5.0lbs
    plastic c-pillar panels - 3.0lbs
    back seat - 14.8lbs
    carpeting and floor mats - 22.6lbs
    sound deadening material - 29lbs
    spare tire & wheel - 27.0lbs
    jack tools and jack, - 5.4lbs
    cardboard trunk tire cover - 8.2lbs
    A/C compressor, condenser, reservoir, & some piping - 31.2lbs
    windshield wiper reservoir (full of fluid), bracket, & associated tubing - 9.0lbs
    glovebox - 4.6lbsplastic driver and passenger kick panels - 1.6lbs
    center console - 12.3lbs
    front sway bar - 19.5lbs
    passenger seat - 51.2lbs
  17. LOL!!!!!! How much did all that cost you?????
  18. My 2006 GT Premium has 2 options. Auto Trans and Active Theft. It weighed 3750 with a full tank. Could this be right? What kind of numbers are you guys seeing? This sounds at least 100lbs over everything that I have read.